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When Will Bratislava Get a Modern Central Railway Station?

When Will Bratislava Get a Modern Central Railway Station?
photo: ŽSR/When Will Bratislava Get a Modern Central Railway Station?
16 / 03 / 2023

Last year the Minister of Transport Andrej Doležal, the Mayor of Bratislava Matúš Vallo and the Director General of the Slovak Railways Miloslav Havrila signed a memorandum on the renovation of the central railway station in Bratislava. Their goal is to build a railway station worthy of the European level of the 21st century.

According to a document by the city's Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava (MIB), which is the urban-economic and transport study for the project, the future railway is to be greener, and more sustainable, with the shortest possible transfer and commuting distances. The railway should also be the main link between European and national rail networks, and accessible to all forms of transport.

The new central station also aims for better safety and clarity. Clear signage and shorter distances between train platforms with public transport stops, car parks, cycle paths and footpaths. The MIB also aims to increase the number of passengers travelling through the central station from 70,000 to 160,000 by 2040.

As stated by the Public Procurement Authority, "open competition must be maintained for all requirements." Neither the value of the financial outlay nor the time needed to implement the project is certain yet.