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Warsaw's Public Transport Set for Upgrade with Underground Tram

Warsaw's Public Transport Set for Upgrade with Underground Tram
photo:'s Public Transport Set for Upgrade with Underground Tram
13 / 04 / 2023

The tender for the construction of Warsaw's first underground tram route has started. The public transport company of Warsaw ZTM is looking for someone to construct the new tram route starting at the Warszawa Zachodnia railway station, which is currently under construction, to the Ochota district (west of Warsaw). This new line is to be built in 2024-2025 and should be completed within 26 months, more than two years.

Spanning 1.6 kilometres, this tram line will originate at Warsaw West station, featuring an underground station linked to a subterranean passage and the railway station. It will traverse a 500-meter tunnel beneath Five Sisters Park, with its exit situated between the roadways of the Battle of Warsaw 1920, close to Szczęśliwice Park in the Ochota district. From this point, the route will lead to a junction enabling trams to turn towards the city centre, Banacha terminus, or Okęcie, a suburban residential area that houses the Warsaw Chopin Airport.

As for the design, the underground tram stop will be similar to a subway station with the only difference in height, the tram platforms being lower. The platforms will be close to railway and bus stops and will be located on level -2. Escalators and elevators will be built, passengers will not have to go outside to change from the tram to the train.

The Warsaw subterranean tram route is set to be integrated into the Wola - Wilanów tram line, connecting the capital's business centre in the northern part of the city (Wola) to the southern region in Wilanów. This connection will reduce travel time to approximately 30 minutes, shaving off 15 minutes from the current duration.

The EU Infrastructure, Climate and Environment programme for 2021-2027 (FEnIKS) is co-funding this construction with an estimated value of 224 million PLN, 47.7 million EUR.