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Vilnius Railway Station Revamp: Modern Comforts on Track

Vilnius Railway Station Revamp: Modern Comforts on Track
photo: LTG/Vilnius Railway Station Revamp: Modern Comforts on Track
12 / 04 / 2023

As the renovation of the Vilnius railway station continues, the work is gaining momentum. LTG Infra has now signed contracts for custom furniture and interior solutions purchase. These contracts are part of the renovation of the Vilnius Railway Station building. Once all the renovation works are completed, customers will enjoy a modern waiting area, comfortable service areas, new, comfortable spaces for businesses such as food and snack producers, and other service providers meeting the various needs of train passengers.

The vision of the station's interior not only took into account the ease of movement inside and a clear structure but also the durability of the materials used in the chosen furniture and interior solutions, as well as the future costs of their operation and maintenance.

According to the signed contracts, UAB ISKU Baldai will be responsible for non-standard wooden panel constructions, partitions and furniture, creating separate areas for the railway station's services, service providers and their workplaces, as well as for the passengers' resting and waiting areas, and UAB Alsonata will be responsible for small furniture, adapted to the needs of the station's visitors' and waiters' security and comfort.

The value of both contracts, which covers the purchase of customised interior solutions (structures, partitions, workplaces, furnishing and finishing solutions for functional objects such as ATMs) and non-standard furniture and small furniture for Vilnius railway station, amounts to EUR 269,8 thousand.
The station renovation focuses on the building's engineering systems: ventilation, heating and lighting. The interior solutions are approached responsibly, and the aim is to ensure that the renovation work carried out and the ideas applied today are suitable for future developments.

Once the project is completed, Vilnius Railway Station will also be equipped with modern LED lighting with motion sensors and other engineering systems, reducing electricity and heating costs.

The last major overhaul of the interior of the Vilnius Railway Station building was carried out in 1998.

While the new phase is being carried out, access to the first waiting area of the station will be temporarily restricted, while passengers will be able to access other areas of the station and the platforms through the right-hand entrance of the station building - the ticket office hall. The renovation of the waiting area is planned to take place between March and May.

Passengers will be informed about the short-term changes in access to the station and platforms by special signage. In addition, for the convenience of customers, part of the luggage storage has been temporarily relocated to the ticket hall. The waiting benches will also be relocated from the refurbished concourse to other station areas.

Source: LTG