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VIDEO: Discover EP Cargo's Expansion with a Visit to the Vojany Terminal

VIDEO: Discover EP Cargo's Expansion with a Visit to the Vojany Terminal
photo: EP Cargo / Public domain/EP Cargo
09 / 11 / 2023

RAILTARGET's editorial team presents an exclusive video showcasing EP Cargo's expansion through the introduction of their terminal in Vojany. This international carrier has broadened its service range with a terminal strategically located on the Slovakian-Ukrainian border.

This newly established transshipment terminal facilitates a comprehensive logistics chain extending from the Ukrainian border to various European destinations. The military-grade transshipment terminal offers an all-encompassing logistics solution encompassing everything from transshipment to subsequent cargo transport and international-level forwarding services. At the Vojany transshipment point, EP Cargo provides access to a siding equipped with both wide-gauge and standard tracks. The facility is operated by two broad-gauge and two standard locomotives, along with agricultural machinery, including Kobzarenko equipment. Additionally, the terminal is equipped with a rotary tipper and defrosting tunnels.

A pivotal aspect of the company's offerings is the integration of the Vojany terminal's logistics services with a broad presence in most European countries, complemented by round-the-clock dispatch services.

Leveraging EP Cargo's synergies, agricultural commodities from Ukraine can practically be transferred to the European gauge at Vojany in a single order and then further distributed, for instance, to the ports of Koper or Trieste. The Adriatic ports present more advantageous conditions for shipments to African countries, which are common destinations for Ukrainian grain. This route serves as an ideal alternative to the often congested Baltic Sea ports. Moreover, EP Cargo holds a strong position in the Italian, Slovenian, and Croatian markets, bolstered by its partner companies.

Source: EP Cargo