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Vectron Dual Mode locomotive, ecology and performance for German railways

Vectron Dual Mode locomotive, ecology and performance for German railways
photo: Archives/Vectron Dual Mode locomotive
12 / 11 / 2020

The Siemens Mobility has obtained permission from the German Federal Office (EBA) to operate the Vectron Dual Mode locomotives. It is a diesel-electric locomotive that significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

The locomotive is equipped with a pressure safety system PZB and is designed for lines with a voltage of 15 kV. It weighs 90 tons and is designed for regular gauge, 1435 mm. It can reach a maximum speed of 160 km / hour and its power is 200 kW. The fuel tank of this locomotive can hold up to 2600 liters of diesel.

Thanks to the combined diesel-electric gearing, this type of a locomotive is much more environmentally friendly. It significantly reduces CO2 emissions. At the same time, it is much more powerful. In addition, this combination is highly effective for German railways. The German railways are about 60 % electrified. This locomotive can therefore move across electrified and non-electrified parts of the line without the need for replacement.

“Vectron Dual Mode enables our customers to provide sustainable and cost-effective rail freight. As an alternative to conventional diesel locomotives, Vectron Dual Mode offers the best of both worlds: It operates in electric mode on electrified railways to save fuel and reduce emissions and maintenance costs, and can switch to diesel operation in sections without overhead lines, eliminating the need change locomotives, "Albrecht Neumann, CEO of Rolling Stock at Siemens Mobility, told the media.

The Vectron Dual Mode locomotives have already been ordered by Railsystems RP, Mindener Kreisbahnen GmbH and Stern & Haffer. Another vehicle was ordered by the Siemens Mobility Test Center in Wegberg-Wildenrath. So far, the largest customer of these locomotives will be DB Cargo. This company ordered even 400 of them. The first 100 locomotives will be delivered by 2023.

Locomotives with a dual motor correspond to current trends in railways in the field of ecology. Large companies like Siemens meet these trends and come up with technical innovations in the "green spirit". The effort to make the railway more environmentally friendly comes hand in hand with other new technologies, automation and digitization.