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Ukraine's railways begin major modernization in upcoming months

Ukraine's railways begin major modernization in upcoming months
photo: railways
01 / 06 / 2021

In the coming months, Ukrainian railways are launching a major modernization in the form of electrification and modernization of the line between Ukraine and Poland in the Kovel-Izov-Derzhkordon session. Modernization is a set of several construction actions. The most important of these is the reconstruction of the railway lines of the standard gauge between Kovel and the Yagodyn border crossing.

The modernization will take place on a 94-kilometer route. The projected cost of the project is approximately 1,4 billion UAH, which is approximately EUR 42 million. In addition to upgrading the route, the project will also include the modernization and centralization of several railway freight stations, the construction of warehouses and substations.

The modernization of the line promises to make a major contribution to Ukrainian rail freight transport, especially in that Ukrainian railways will be able to deploy heavier trains in this section. From the current 4,6 thousand tons, trains will be able to run up to 6,000 tons. This, of course, has a significant impact on capacity and faster cargo deliveries. Electrification of the line will mainly benefit the main transport currents in the region where iron ore is transported. In particular, the transport of metallurgical products between the Kryvyi Rih region and Poland takes place on electrified lines up to Kovel station.

From there, however, further to Poland, trains run in diesel traction, which is significantly more expensive. After the modernization, both parts of the route will allow electric trains to operate, saving a large part of the company's costs. Electrification will also be crucial from an environmental point of view, as it will reduce CO2 emissions by almost 12,000 tonnes per year and, moreover, improve the quality of life in the region, as freight trains will produce much less noise.

"It is currently one of the largest and most important projects that will increase our country's export potential. Moreover, the electrification of the railway is relevant against the background of rising diesel prices and the country's energy independence," commented Ivan Juryk, Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia".

However, more needs to be done to make these changes worth more. More precisely, in order to keep pace with development, Ukrainian railways will have to use state-of-the-art rolling stock technology and infrastructure. That is why the Ukrainian government will create a special railway fund to support the modernization process, said Ukrainian Transport Minister Vladislav Krykliy.