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Trial Operation of RegioFox Units Expands, Covering Approximately 1,400 Kilometers Daily

Trial Operation of RegioFox Units Expands, Covering Approximately 1,400 Kilometers Daily
photo: Czech Railways Press Releases/Trial Operation of RegioFox Units Expands, Covering Approximately 1,400 Kilometers Daily
24 / 09 / 2023

Experts from Czech Railways have tested the operation of two connected sets. Starting Tuesday, the operation of RegioFox units will expand on the Central Bohemian lines, running from Rakovník to Beroun and from Beroun to Prague via Rudná u Prahy. Out of the five RegioFox units that České dráhy have for trial operations, up to three will run daily. They will cover approximately 1,400 kilometers per day, serving up to 38 trains on weekdays. Staff training, operational maintenance, and addressing issues identified during the test operation will take place on the other units.

"We currently have five new RegioFox units for trial operation. One is designated for the Pardubice Region, and the other four for the Central Bohemian Region and Prague. With more units, we can train additional train drivers, and we plan to gradually expand the test operation of these 'foxes' on other lines. Before final approval and commencement of regular service, they must collectively cover at least 50,000 kilometers, with at least one unit traveling 20,000 kilometers. Having more units in daily operation will help us meet this requirement more quickly, advancing the approval of these units for regular service," said Jiří Ješeta, a board member and deputy general director of ČD for passenger transport.

Currently, Czech Railways operates five RegioFox units. They rotate in traffic daily. Until recently, one unit ran each day. Last weekend, an operation with two connected sets was tested. From today, three "foxes" will be operational. PESA can introduce up to six units for trial operations with passengers on the Rakovník - Beroun and Beroun - Rudná u Prahy - Prague lines. These new RegioFox units are also used to train depot maintenance staff and train drivers, who must pass a proficiency test before independently operating the new trains. Concurrently, any system issues identified during the trials are being addressed.

"The residents of Central Bohemia are the first to experience the new barrier-free trains and their benefits. These include air conditioning, electrical outlets, USB ports for charging devices, onboard Wi-Fi, and more. With more units in trial operation, many passengers will enjoy these modern trains by this fall. All ten new RegioFox units are expected to be approved and operational on the Central Bohemian S6 and S75 lines during the autumn," says Petr Borecký, councilor of the Central Bohemian Region for public transport.

Czech Railways has ordered 76 new RegioFox units for operation in the Central Bohemian Region, Prague, Vysočín, South Bohemia, Pilsen, Pardubice, and Hradec Králové Regions. Around twenty units are expected to be operational this year, with the remaining units set to be delivered next year. These trains have a maximum speed of 120 km/h and a power output of 750 kW. They offer 115 seats, spaces for wheelchair users, baby carriages, and bicycle transportation. Equipped with the modern European ETCS train security and GSM-R communication systems, the RegioFox units have traveled almost 21,000 kilometers since the start of their trial operation.

Source: Czech Railways