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Transmashholding & Rosatom Overseas Cooperate for the Future Russian Hydrogen Railways

Transmashholding & Rosatom Overseas Cooperate for the Future Russian Hydrogen Railways
photo: RailwayPro/Russian Railways, Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, Transmashholding and the representative of Sakhalin Region signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the production of trains using hydrogen fuel cells.
27 / 04 / 2021

Transmashholding – Energy solutions signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Rosatom Overseas. The joint venture to develop and use hydrogen fuel cells for rail transport. They are to be used in the Sakhalin region and Moscow.

Russia ventures into the hydrogen-powered rail transport industry. In September 2019, Russian Railways, Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, Transmashholding and the representative of Sakhalin Region signed a Memorandum of Understanding to produce trains using hydrogen fuel cells. The Transmashholding was to be responsible for the train production, while Rosatom is supposed to deliver the hydrogen. 

The agreement signed the Sakhalin Region, where the project was to be realized. In the new Memorandum of Cooperation, Moscow wants a piece of the technology too. In the new agreement, the parties want to implement refuelling systems for the locomotives. The companies have three main goals. First, to ensure the localization of advanced foreign technologies of hydrogen energy for the transport sector in Russia. Then, organize the development and create conditions for the professional ownership and management of the hydrogen transport infrastructure. Finally, to ensure hydrogen sales for the needs of the transport sector.

This is a significant pilot project for the region, which is being developed by Russian Railways, State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, Transmashholding and the Government of the Sakhalin Region, and we will make every effort to successfully implement it. We also see significant prospects for the development of hydrogen transport in other regions of Russia,” Yevgeny Pakermanov, the president of Rosatom Overseas said.

Transmashholding is a leading producer of roiling stocks in most of the countries from the former Soviet Union. They are also forth worldwide in terms of sales of roiling stocks. They supply passenger trains and coaches, metro cars, locomotives, engines, and components to railway operators and manufacturers in 30 countries.

Rosatom Overseas (ROAS) is a company focused on nuclear energy. They construct diverse capacity nuclear power plants or centres for research. They also lead research in nuclear infrastructure or train personnel and other activities. They plan on using nuclear power plants to produce hydrogen for the locomotives. 

Hydrogen is an alternative fuel, which can be produced from diverse domestic resources, and is generally used for traffic for cars or space travel. Why use it for rail travel? First, it produces much fewer emissions, nearly zero. It is also much more effective in the power transition process. On the other hand, the electric-powered locomotives have an even better power transition. The hydrogen power fuel cells lose about 60 % of the power, while the electricity losses only 10 %. Why not use electricity then? If there is no infrastructure built for the electricity-powered locomotives, it might be cheaper to use something else, especially for rural areas where there is low electricity coverage. 

Hydrogen fuel cells technology is one of the foundations of the energy of the future. Its wide use will significantly reduce the impact of transport on the environment, which is especially important in urban agglomerations and large industrial centres,” Kirill Lipa, the Director-General of Transmashholding said.

We might look forward to seeing more interesting and green agreements made in the future. Especially after the conference on hydrogen use even for rail transport held today. It takes place between the 27th and 28th of April. 


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