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Tram or Train? Alstom's Citadis Dualis Offers Both on Line T12

Tram or Train? Alstom's Citadis Dualis Offers Both on Line T12
photo: Alstom / Public domain/Alstom Citadis Dualis
15 / 12 / 2023

Alstom’s Citadis Dualis tram-trains were inaugurated last week on line T12 of the Île-de-France Mobilités network, which will link two major centers of the Essonne region, Évry-Courcouronnes, and Massy-Palaiseau (near Paris).

Every day, more than 40,000 passengers will be able to enjoy the benefits and performance of a latest-generation rolling stock, which is environmentally friendly and 100% accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Citadis Dualis tram-trains offer both the line speed of a train and the urban performance of a tramway, as they run both on the National Railway Network (between Massy and Épinay-sur-Orge) and dedicated urban tracks (between Épinay-sur-Orge and Évry-Courcouronnes). This configuration makes it a versatile mode of transport: its tramway gauge means it can travel in towns and cities, while its train-like performance means it can carry passengers outside towns and cities, without having to change modes of transport.

In a consortium with TSO (leader) and Terideal, Alstom also built the new 10 km tramway track between Épinay-sur-Orge and Evry-Courcouronnes for line T12 (the line uses existing tracks between Massy-Palaiseau and Épinay-sur-Orge).

A proven equipment

In the Île-de-France region, 77 Alstom Citadis Dualis trains, 100% financed by Ile-de-France Mobilités, are now in operation:

  • 15 trains on line T11 (Épinay-sur-Seine – Le Bourget) since July 2017, and on Transilien line P (on the Esbly – Crécy-la-Chapelle section) since March 2022
  • 26 trains on line T4 (Bondy – Aulnay-sous-Bois or Montfermeil) from December 2019
  • 11 trains on line T13 (Saint-Cyr-l’École – Saint-Germain-en-Laye) since July 2022
  • And finally, 25 trains on line T12 (Evry-Courcouronnes – Massy-Palaiseau).

Outside the Île-de-France region, Alstom’s Citadis Dualis tram-trains are also in service in Loire-Atlantique, and western Lyon. Alstom has sold more than 3,000 Citadis trams in 70 cities worldwide, including 25 in France. Citadis tramways have covered more than 1 billion kilometers and carried 10 billion passengers since the first tram entered service in 2000.

The Citadis Dualis tram-train is designed and assembled in France. 7 of Alstom’s 16 sites in France participate in the project:

  • Valenciennes for design, production, assembly, validation, and testing,
  • Le Creusot for bogies,
  • Ornans for motors,
  • Petit-Quevilly for transformers, 
  • Villeurbanne for on-board electronics,
  • Tarbes for power traction,
  • Saint-Ouen for design.

Source: Alstom