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Trains to Warsaw West Will Travel on Two Tracks of the Suburban Cross-city Line

Trains to Warsaw West Will Travel on Two Tracks of the Suburban Cross-city Line
photo: PKP Polskie Linii Kolejowe S.A./Trains to Warsaw West Will Travel on Two Tracks of the Suburban Cross-city Line
12 / 01 / 2023

In Warsaw, from Monday, 9 January, trains travel on two tracks of the suburban cross-city line. A vital stage in the connection construction between the suburban and long-distance cross-city line has been completed. The work is being carried out as part of the Warsaw West rebuilding. The largest investment by PKP Polskie Linii Kolejowe S.A. in Warsaw, at a net cost of around PLN 2 billion, is co-financed by EU funds from OPI&E.

On the Warsaw suburban diameters, train traffic will run on two tracks again from 9 January. There will be more convenient journeys on the important Warszawa Zachodnia - Warszawa Śródmieście - Warszawa Wschodnia section. There will be around 300 more connections compared to the current number of trains.

Work on the Warsaw Diameter began on 19 December and required a safety zone. Train traffic was maintained on one of the two tracks of the suburban line. The organisation of services and the train timetable were agreed upon with the carriers.

The temporary track closure was used for intensive work. Next to the Warszawa Ochota stop, a special Larsen-type sheet piling was built by the contractor on the embankment of the cross-city line. This allows the construction of the new connector to continue. The track will connect the long-distance line with the suburban cross-city line. Such a solution will improve planning and train traffic during the works at Warszawa Zachodnia station.

Favourable changes on the suburban line include the return of some connections. Please check the train timetable before travelling. Details are available on the website and application and on the carriers' websites.

West Warsaw is changing

The modernisation of the station will ensure greater accessibility and the expected comfort of travel. All platforms will be covered. Moving stairs, lifts, a dynamic information system and wide walkways will facilitate access to trains. It will be easier to combine rail and public transport. Safe management of rail traffic will be ensured by modern equipment and computer systems. Agglomeration and long-distance crossings will be made more efficient. Engineering structures, kilometres of installations, tracks, switches and overhead contact lines are being comprehensively rebuilt.

The project Works on the Warsaw cross-city line on the section 'Warsaw East - Warsaw West' is worth approx. PLN 2 billion net.

Source: PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. Press Releases


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