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The world's first hydrogen rail milling machine - Linsinger will launch it in the middle of next year

The world's first hydrogen rail milling machine - Linsinger will launch it in the middle of next year
photo: railway hydrogen milling cutter
02 / 12 / 2020

The Austrian company Linsinger has introduced the world's first hydrogen rail milling machine. The rolling stock was named MG11 H2. The innovative vehicle was presented at a virtual conference held in November. The vehicle should be manufactured during the first half of next year.

This innovative rolling stock will operate on the basis of proven technologies. The tried-and-tested MG11 milling machines were used as a model. These were used for work mainly in tunnels. These milling machines operated on electric power, which significantly facilitated the transition to hydrogen fueling.

The hydrogen milling cutter will have the same performance as the diesel variants of conventional cutters. Despite its ecological drive, the vehicle also has a relatively long-life endurance. It can work more than one shift without further refueling.

The innovative ecological milling cutter was developed after years of research and development. Hydrogen fuel cell technology could be used in other rail milling cars offered by Linsinger in the future.

"I have certainly wondered whether it is right to time this innovation right now. However, at a time of COVID - 19 crisis, it is more important than ever to send a positive signal and look ahead. My vision for 2030 is the hydrogen transport sector to support climate neutral mobility,” said Linsinger’s CEO, Mr. Günter Holleis.

How does a simplified hydrogen drive actually work? A chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen occurs in the fuel cell. As a result, electricity and water are generated and no other emissions occur that would burden the environment. This creates clean energy that is also sustainable.

Over the years, the Austrian company Linsinger has transformed from a family business into a world player in the field of rolling stock. The company's export quota is 98 %. Linsinger has approximately 500 employees. The company is still working on further development and expansion. Ecological hydrogen propulsion is the ideal solution for this.