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The railway junction in Ostrava is awaiting a reconstruction for almost a million euros

The railway junction in Ostrava is awaiting a reconstruction for almost a million euros
photo: Zdroj: the main station
13 / 11 / 2020

Ostrava is one of the most important railway junctions in the Czech Republic. Soon, it will undergo an extensive reconstruction. The project is implemented by The Moravia Consult Olomouc and should cost approximately 945.6 million euros.

As part of this project, the line and the station will be reconstructed. Therefore, there would be an increase in the capacity of freight and passenger transport, as well as a better connection to other lines. The current situation of the Ostrava railway station is unsatisfactory in a view of the contemporary demands.

The reconstruction will also include the installation of a new security and communication systems. In addition to the station, the tracks and switches will be reconstructed. This will create new transport connections with the Ostrava-Svinov district. The existing traction network will be transferred to a 25 kV AC traction system and the functionality of the European Rail traffic management system (ERTMS) will be launched. After the reconstruction, trains will be able to pass through the Ostrava railway junction at speeds of up to 120 km / h.

The station's infrastructure will enable the passage of freight trains with a length of 740 m. Furthermore, the concept and configuration of marshalling yards will be changed. The train station will be in the right part of the station. The left part will be used for auxiliary shifting works, sorting and parking of the railcars. There will also be boldly designed projects on the track. These include a steel bridge over the Odra river, which will have a span of 90 meters. Two parallel single-track steel structures across the Ostravice river with a span of 63 m should be built. Provisions that would lead to noise reduction in residential areas are also being considered.

The Ostrava Svinov railway station will also undergo extensive reconstruction, as part of which the platform will be repaired. Three switches will be reconstructed. The security management will also be renovated. The railway sections to Bohumín and Třebovice will be reconstructed. Between Ostrava Main station and Ostrava-Svinov, another, third line will be built, which will have a four-track extension. A level crossing will be set up. Ostrava-Střed and Ostrava-Stodolní railway stations will also undergo modifications.

"This is one of the biggest projects we are currently preparing. After its completion, not only the reliability and safety of rail transport will be significantly increased, but also the comfort and quality of services for the passengers. The modernization of the country's largest junction will strengthen the key role of this railway junction in freight transport as well, "said Jiří Svoboda, the General Director of the National Railway Administration (SŽDC).

The reconstruction of the Ostrava railway junction is undoubtedly one of the largest railway reconstruction projects in the Czech environment. Documentation by Moravia Consult Olomouc is currently being prepared. Works are estimated to begin in 2025.