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The most expensive railway car on Czech railway tracks: SŽ introduced a measuring car

The most expensive railway car on Czech railway tracks: SŽ introduced a measuring car
photo: Jiří Svoboda/Twitter/Measuring vehicle MVŽSv 2
13 / 05 / 2021

Probably the most expensive railway car will soon be running on czech railways. Its price exceeds CZK 300 million. The car is currently being tested on the test track of the Railway Research Institute.

The measuring car, which bears the designation MVŽSv 2, was produced by NDCon Logic. The car will allow diagnostics of the railway svška up to 200 km/h. „The equipment also includes laser sensors for checking the gauge profile and geometric parameters of the track“, commented Jiří Svoboda, general director of Správa železnice.

The car should have been delievered by the manufacturer within 42 months of signing the contract. The contract was signed in September 2017. However, in March this year, an amendment was confirmed by the Správa železnic, which allowed the delivery date to be extended until August of this year.

The delay was a concequuince of changes in the view of the continuous needs for railway line diagnostics.

For example, the track ballast profile and auching distance sensing system has been supplemented with a system that now allows the functionality of the laser scanner to be extended.

 Thanks to this, it is possible to measure collision points between the gauge and the buildings around the track. Another change is to increase data storage. Even the car’s location system has undergone some partial changes that will lead to its refinement.

The car thus has automated localization of the loading position of RFID chips in the track.

All these other requirements led to an increase in the original agreed price from CZK 276 million to CZK 304 million. The price competed thus corresponds to about three times the price of modern locomotives.