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The importance of Kaliningrad on the Silk Road is growing

The importance of Kaliningrad on the Silk Road is growing
photo: UTLC ERA press materials/The importance of Kaliningrad on the Silk Road is growing.
14 / 12 / 2021

In connection with the active growth of the volume of goods transported in the Sino-European-Chinese road by rail using the Kaliningrad region infrastructure. a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed last week between UTLC ERA, Kaliningrad Railway, and Kaliningrad Ports to ensure transit and process additional capacity.

The parties reached an agreement on the organization of intermodal container transport on the China-Europe-China line on 1520 mm railways from Dostyk / Altynkol stations via the Kaliningrad railway for further sea transport or via the adjacent infrastructure of Poland.

The agreement guarantees the acceptance of declared container trains as well as the timely execution of all freight operations, provided that another flow of at least 190,000 TEUs gets attracted through this region during 2022.

"The Kaliningrad region has become competitive for European, South Asian, and Chinese clients in terms of prices, technology, and shipping time. Services across the region have great growth potential thanks to the possibility of using both land border infrastructure and multimodal communications through ports. The transit corridor via Kaliningrad allows access to many European countries: Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and the Southeastern countries of Europe. According to our forecasts, the volume of UTLC ERA transport in the Kaliningrad direction may already exceed 120,000 TEUs this year, ” stated Alexei Grom, CEO of UTLC ERA.