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The Finnish Railway Museum: A Chronicle of Tracks and Trains

The Finnish Railway Museum: A Chronicle of Tracks and Trains
photo: Finnish Railway Museum: A Chronicle of Tracks and Trains
11 / 08 / 2023

Located approximately sixty kilometers from Helsinki in Hyvinkää, the Finnish Railway Museum is a national collection dedicated to the country's railway history. The museum is uniquely situated at the former station and engine shed of the Hyvinkää-Hanko Railway, a private line established in the 1870s, providing an authentic setting for visitors to explore the past.

Inside the museum, visitors can engage with various exhibits that shed light on Finnish railway practices from inception to the present day. Highlights include the only surviving Russian royal carriage stock, along with steam and diesel locomotives that date back to various periods. These permanent exhibits are complemented by rotating displays that delve into specific themes, showcasing parts of the national collection that aren't typically on display. The museum also houses a permanent exhibition that focuses on railway travel, locomotive and rolling stock development, and railway occupations, spread across various buildings on the museum grounds.

Beyond its core exhibits, the Finnish Railway Museum is also known for hosting a variety of annual events and open days, predominantly during the summer months. These events allow visitors to immerse themselves in the rich history of Finland's railways, while also enjoying the museum's picturesque park setting. Traveling to the museum is straightforward, with frequent trains from Helsinki and easy road access. The museum presents a unique opportunity to delve into a vital aspect of Finnish history and transport heritage.