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The fifth Talgo-250 train arrives in Uzbekistan

The fifth Talgo-250 train arrives in Uzbekistan
photo: Talgo/The fifth Talgo-250 train arrives in Uzbekistan
03 / 08 / 2021

The first of two high-speed trains of the Talgo-250 series under a contract worth 57 million euros, concluded with the Spanish company Patentes Talgo in June 2019, arrived in Tashkent, covering a distance of 8,200 km. In early July, he was sent by water from the Spanish city of Bilbao and, having passed 4000 km, arrived in St. Petersburg. Then, on the railways of Russia and Kazakhstan, on July 24, 2021, he was delivered to Tashkent.

The new train does not differ significantly from the four that are already in operation in Uzbekistan. The first two nine-car Afrosiyob trains were delivered to this country in 2011, and the next two, already eleven-car trains, were transported in 2017.The contract for the delivery of the fifth and sixth trains also included an order for four wagons to increase the number of two trains in operation from 9 wagons to eleven.

The newly arrived train consists of two head motor cars and 11 trailer wagons, including one bistro, two with VIP-class seats, two in business class and six in economy class. There are 286 seats in total.

He arrived accompanied by 25 specialists from Patentes Talgo, who will carry out commissioning and testing within a month.

Currently, trains of this modification run from Tashkent to Samarkand, Jizzak, Navoi, Bukhara and Karshi. In the coming years, after the completion of electrification at the new section of Bukhara - Khiva, their route will continue to Khorezm. On the way, the train reaches a speed of up to 230 km / h (maximum speed of 250 km / h), covering the distance from Tashkent to Samarkand in 2 hours 08 minutes. to Bukhara - 3 hours 51 minutes and to Karshi - 3 hours 21 minutes. Trains are equipped with ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems designed for ambient temperatures from –25 to +40 ° С.

In September-October 2021, delivery of another, sixth, high-speed train is expected. Both new trains will enter service in 2021.