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The ÖBB reports active work at the Wartberg im Mürzthal station. How is the modernization going?

The ÖBB reports active work at the Wartberg im Mürzthal station. How is the modernization going?
photo: Chris Zenz / ÖBB/The ÖBB reports active work at the Wartberg im Mürzthal station. How is the modernization going?
13 / 06 / 2022

Extensive work on the Wartberg im Mürztal train station started at the beginning of this year. By spring 2024, the station will be completely modernized and converted to be barrier-free. The station will receive a new island platform, which in the future will be easily accessible from the also newly constructed crossing bridge with elevators. Convenient boarding and alighting facilities, modern passenger information and a new Park&Ride and Bike&Ride facility will bring significant advantages for customers. The rebuilt platform area will be available to travellers as early as September 2023.

A new bridge is being built

A major focus of the current work is the new crossing bridge construction as a connection to the Scheibsgraben, which will replace the existing rail crossing from mid-May 2023. Until the bridge is completed, the existing railroad crossing will remain open for the Scheibsgraben access. Extensive work on the tracks is also underway.

Work is already well advanced on the new building for the future electronic interlocking, which will go into operation in summer 2023. For passengers, access to the platforms has currently been slightly relocated, and a new covered waiting area has been built.


Business Unit Manager Hubert Hager, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG: "The modernization of the southern line is currently one of our biggest expansion priorities. In addition to the major projects Semmering Base Tunnel and Koralm Railway, we are improving stations and sections of the line to make it even more attractive for travellers to switch to the environmentally friendly railroad in the future. Wartberg station is another important piece of the puzzle on the way to an even more modern, customer-friendly southern line."

Provincial Councilor Johann Seitinger: "ÖBB's investments in railroads in Styria and especially in the Mürztal are of particular importance to us, as the connection to the future high-performance railway line creates new perspectives for the region. With the modernization of Wartberg station, modern infrastructure will be created here, which will significantly facilitate access to sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility."

Member of the State Parliament, Helga Ahrer: "It is a particular concern of mine that the so important expansion of the railroad infrastructure brings noticeable improvements for as many people as possible. That's why I'm particularly pleased that, in addition to the implementation of major projects such as the Semmering Base Tunnel or the Koralm Railway, many stations in our region, such as here in Wartberg, are also being modernized, making train travel even easier and more attractive."

ÖBB / Chris Zenz

Jochen Jance, Mayor of St. Barbara im Mürztal: "For our community, the direct connection to the rail links in the region, but also the direction of Graz or Vienna is crucial. Therefore, we are very pleased that the station Wartberg im Mürztal will be significantly upgraded with the investments of ÖBB and secured for the future. The construction of the crossing bridge will then also eliminate waiting times at the railroad crossing at the station from 2023, which will certainly please many motorists."


Source: ÖBB Press Releases