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Thales to Redefine Alexandria’s Rail Landscape with Innovative Metro Upgrade

Thales to Redefine Alexandria’s Rail Landscape with Innovative Metro Upgrade
photo: The Arab Contractors / Public domain/Cairo Metro
27 / 11 / 2023

Under the scope of this new contract, Thales will provide its latest rail and AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) technologies. The aim of NAT is to turn the existing Aboukir suburban railway line into a modern metro by providing safer, more reliable transport infrastructure. The upgraded metro line will encourage the usage of public transport and more sustainable mobility.

Thales will achieve this with its Communications-Based Train Control system (SelTracTM CBTC) last generation which continuously updates train positions, distances and travel speeds, allowing for faster and more efficient operations. 

To ensure a safe and secure travelling environment for the passengers, Thales will deliver video-security solutions, including CCTV and Video Management Systems with intrusion detection features. Rail operations, passengers’ movements and network facilities will be monitored at all times from an integrated control centre provided by Thales. 

At the same time, Thales will provide new ticketing equipment based on the TRANSCITY™ solution. This will enhance the passenger experience, allowing commuters to use different payment options, including smartphone-based QR Code tickets, contactless cards, EMV banking cards and NFC mobile payment.

Thales is proud to collaborate with local talent for the success of this new project. Close to 500 Egyptian technicians and engineers work for Thales, executing the installation, commissioning and upgrading of the rail systems. With this strategic win, Thales continues to enlarge its footprint in one of the most significant urban transportation systems in the Middle East region. 

“Thales has a long heritage in Egypt as we worked with NAT on the Cairo Metro right from the beginning, 35 years ago. We are excited to accompany NAT on the path to modernize the public transportation system for the City of Alexandria. Thales' solution will ensure seamless integration of all subsystems, enabling rapid responses to network incidents with minimal downtime and optimal efficiency. Moreover, our efficient multi-payment solution aligns with the Ministry of Transport's vision for an exceptional customer experience,” stated Alessio Bencivenni, Director of Thales Ground Transportation Systems in Egypt.

Source: Thales