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Thales SEC Ensures Smooth Operation of Metro Line 1 Phase III

Thales SEC Ensures Smooth Operation of Metro Line 1 Phase III
photo: Thales/Thales SEC Ensures Smooth Operation of Metro Line 1 Phase III
10 / 07 / 2023

On July 1, Hefei Metro Line 1 Phase III was officially opened for operation. The project with a total length of 4.54 kilometers all as underground, is the northern extension of the existing Line 1 Phase I and Phase II projects. With the completion of the project, it goes south to Binhu Station and connects the new Hefei Railway Station area, Hefei South Station and other major traffic hubs. Today the project plays an important role in relieving traffic pressure along the line and optimizing the spatial layout of the city, further facilitating green travel for Hefei citizens.

Since the contract was signed in January 2020, Thales SEC Transport (TST) Hefei project team has overcome the recurring epidemic constraints to guarantee the implementation as scheduled. To ensure seamless conjunction with the existing Hefei Metro Line 1, the project team communicated effectively with Hefei Metro to make sure the commissioning cutover was carried out in a safe and orderly manner and successfully completed the signalling system upgrade of Line 1 Phase III. At the same time, TST as the prime contractor of Hefei Metro Line 1 Phase III, effectively managed the various construction units of the project and cooperated closely with Hefei Metro to ensure each project node passed validation successfully, which contributed to the high-quality delivery of the whole project. 

TST has been a long-term partner with Hefei Metro and has successfully provided highly reliable and accessible signalling systems for Hefei Metro Line 1 and Line 4. In the future, Thales SEC Transport will keep an active contribution to the improvement of the Hefei rail transit network so as to serve the city’s development.