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Thales launched the first fully automated passenger line in the Chinese city of Shanghai.

Thales launched the first fully automated passenger line in the Chinese city of Shanghai.
photo: Wikipedie/ metro-illustrative picture
12 / 01 / 2022

On December 30, 2021, line 14 of the Shanghai Metro entered service, the first fully automated driverless line (GoA4) with a high passenger capacity with eight-car type A trains in China.

Shanghai Subway Line 14 runs across downtown Shanghai from West Fengbang (Jiading District) to East Jinqiao (Pudong District), with 38.52 km and 31 subway stations. This line is the only high-capacity completely automated metro line without a driver passing across downtown Shanghai and connects at least 13 other connections in the network. The opening and operation of Line 14 will further strengthen the connection between Pudong and Puxi across the Huangpu River, effectively relieving traffic pressure at the river crossings. In the meantime, it will further support the development of an important area along the line.

Line 14 accepts the TSTCBTC® 2.0 signaling system, which TST independently develops based on years of experience with the advanced CBTC system. TSTCBTC® 2.0 is the first system architecture to deliver high availability through redundant subsystems, increasing the mean time between failures (MTBF) to 1 million hours.

This signaling system also improves turnover capacity by maximizing rail infrastructure resources. In addition to essential fully automated drone functions such as train activation, self-monitoring, mainline operation, automatic entry and exit from the intelligent depot, automatic car wash, and automatic dormancy, TSTCBTC®2.0 can provide advanced and flexible handling functions in case of error scenarios.

When an accident, such as a fire or flood, occurs, the train may stop on the spot and return to the original FAM reverse mode, which is the first feature of its kind to be applied on a fully automated line in China.

Line 14, as a high-quality mock-up line in the Shanghai Metro network, has faced long construction times, complex engineering, the impact of COVID-19, and many challengers. However, TST has worked with customers and successfully committed to opening a high-quality GoA4 line. In addition, the reliable TSTCBTC® 2.0 signaling system ensures safe and efficient operation in all types of scenarios, such as regular operation, failure, and emergency, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable journey for local citizens.