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TfL Awards Thales and Nokia Contract for Comprehensive Tube Network Renewal

TfL Awards Thales and Nokia Contract for Comprehensive Tube Network Renewal
photo: Peter Bosch via Unsplash / Thales / Public domain/London tube
22 / 05 / 2024

Thales, in collaboration with its transmission network technology partner Nokia, has been awarded a contract by Transport for London (TfL) to deliver a comprehensive communications renewal to support the safe operations of the Tube network.

This renewal will ensure that TfL’s multi-services network (MSN) operates at peak performance, minimizing functional risks, journey disruptions, and costs for TfL.

The MSN serves as the underlying infrastructure that supports Connect, Thales’ industry-leading system responsible for the critical communications ecosystem that underpins the London Underground. This includes radio, transmission, and operational CCTV technology used by TfL staff to maintain smooth operations, making the MSN vital to efficiency on the rail network and ensuring a safer and smoother passenger experience.

Legacy systems can slowly become unreliable and could disrupt services, leading to delays and an overall negative impact on passenger journeys. Ensuring a data-backed, integrated, and timely update – such as this one spearheaded by Thales and Nokia – proactively addresses these concerns, without hampering passenger mobility.

Nokia’s mission-critical IP/MPLS network solution is the backbone and complements this system by providing secure, reliable, and scalable connectivity, ensuring that the foundation for this communications ecosystem is robust and sustainable.

“We are delighted to be working with Thales and Nokia on this renewal of our multi-services network, which supports several key systems such as the Connect radio system and access to CCTV across the network. Delivering this comprehensive communications renewal will support the operational demands of our extensive Tube and rail network and ensure it operates at peak performance while reducing costs, journey disruptions, and ultimately providing the best service possible to our customers,” says Rebecca Bissell, Director of Information Technology, TfL.

“We’re delighted to partner with TfL and Nokia on this critical project. Renewing the multi-service network, in a way that minimizes disruptions to services, is essential for maintaining a safe, reliable, and efficient underground, without putting the burden on passengers. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to continuous innovation in rail and prioritizing passenger mobility and operational excellence,” comments Andy Bell, Vice President, Thales Transport in the UK

“Transport for London plays a vital role in the city, carrying up to four million passenger journeys a day on the London Underground network. Renewing and preparing the communications network for the future is essential to maintain and improve this critical London infrastructure. Together with Thales, we will use our expertise and technology to provide a reliable, secure, and efficient solution that will enhance TfL’s operations and services for years to come,” says Matthieu Bourguignon, Senior Vice-President and head of Europe for Network Infrastructure business, Nokia.


Source: Thales Press Releases