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TBH Faustyna: The first single-track tunnel in Łódź

TBH Faustyna: The first single-track tunnel in Łódź
photo: Tunel-laczypolske press materials/TBH Faustyna: The first single-track tunnel in Łódź
03 / 03 / 2022

PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA made an investment in over PLN 1.5 billion, which was co-financed from the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program. The money is used to construct a series of new tunnels and stations in Łódź.

Three stops are planned to integrate with public transportation and provide better and easier travel for the people in the city. The project aims to create a transit station and a station for regional and long-distance trains.

The TBM Faustina machine drilled the first of 4 single-track tunnels. This new section connects the main double-track tunnel toward Łódź Fabryczna with the Łódź Kaliska and Łódź Żabieniec stations. The tunnel is 940 meters long and 8.5 meters in diameter.

A larger two-track tunnel is planned with a diameter of over 13 meters. It will be dug by a larger TBM machine, Katarzyna and its length will be 2.7 km.

Geotechnical conditions are of course influencing the project. There is a variety of terrain from waterlogged soil, sands, to hard and large boulders. TBM machines are supervised by the staff in the cabin of the TBM. It is also designed to prevent subsidence, landslides, and vibrations. The contractor is keeping the safety of the surrounding infrastructure as a high priority and hence they perform vibration measurements and monitor the area.

Łódź Polesie stops at the intersection of Ogrodowa and Karskiego streets, on the section of a two-track tunnel. Platforms are planned about 24 meters below the street with access by elevators and escalators.

Łódź Koziny stop at the intersection of Włókniarzy and Drewnowska streets the diaphragm walls of the external structures are being built. The floor slab construction has begun. Next in line are intermediate and bottom plates.