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SYSTRA Is to Connect the bay of San Francisco to Los Angeles with HSL

SYSTRA Is to Connect the bay of San Francisco to Los Angeles with HSL
photo: SYSTRA/SYSTRA Is to Connect the bay of San Francisco to Los Angeles with HSL
11 / 02 / 2023

SYSTRA has expanded its scope of work on the high-speed rail (HSR) program in California, as a subcontractor to the Canadian engineering company Stantec. In the long term, the objective of the local authorities is to connect the bay of San Francisco to Los Angeles with this high-speed line (HSL).

Since November 2022, our teams have been an integral part of the consortium in charge of designing the section between Merced and Madera (known as the M-M section) on the future high-speed line (HSL) in California, in the Central Valley area. We are responsible for carrying out the design studies for the route of the line (package NTP-1), with the option of delivering the final design studies and preparing the documents to launch construction (package NTP-2).

Our work with the California high-speed rail program began in 2006 when we prepared a multi-decade implementation plan for the high-speed rail line. Subsequently, SYSTRA was a member of the program management team, supporting project delivery and implementation, strategy development, and regional coordination. Next, SYSTRA was a member of the team providing design for Construction Package 1 (CP1) – the initial operating section of the high-speed rail project and provided guideway embankment and structural design and construction support.



The final client for the project is the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CAHSRA), which has been overseeing this ambitious program since 1994.

"The teams at SYSTRA USA are enthusiastic about the idea of bringing high-speed rail to California. We have been involved in this program since its inception, serving future users. By studying the possibilities of reducing the costs of the project, minimising risks, and improving journey times, SYSTRA is committed to supporting the creation of a network which is accessible, economical, and sustainable," says Frédéric Bana, Chief Operating Officer, SYSTRA USA.

With its recognised expertise in half of the high-speed lines studied worldwide, SYSTRA is responsible for risk and configuration management, system integration, the design of all subsystems (power supply, train control, systems safety), as well as the structural and seismic parts of the preliminary studies to define the project’s footprint.

The purpose of these assignments is to advance the construction of the HSR line between Merced and Madera, as an extension of the portion already under construction in the Central Valley.



Since 2012, SYSTRA USA has supported FRA oversight of two higher-speed rail corridors in the Midwest. We have also studied the creation of high-speed rail networks in Texas and Florida and have been involved in multiple projects along the Northeast Corridor, the busiest passenger rail line in the US and the fastest one in operation today.


  • 808 miles (1,300km)
  • 24 stations
  • Operational maximum speed: 200mph

Source: SYSTRA Press Releases