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Super Yachts has a competitor - a train for $ 350 million

Super Yachts has a competitor - a train for $ 350 million
photo: Archives/Super Yachts has a competitor - a train for $ 350 million
07 / 07 / 2021

Not even a month passes without the emergence of a new concept for the transport of the future. Super-fast, luxurious, unlimited - this is how designers see the journeys that one can continue in this century. Today we will introduce you to a training concept that can only be compared to superyachts.

Designer Thierry Gaugain, known for developing yacht concepts, collaborated with the fashion house Louis Vuitton, presented to the world the visual embodiment of the train for millionaires - G Train. Thierry Gaugain has worked with several experts in various fields to ensure the feasibility of his idea. And I came to the conclusion that the only factor holding back the construction of a luxury train was its cost of $ 350 million.

"We tend to think about rail, just in terms of speed, the movement of many people from point A to point B in record time, - Thierry Gaugain talks about his idea. - But this train of 14 wagons will belong to one owner. It's an alternative, very casual way to see the world besides the yacht and the jet. "

The 396 m long train, according to the designer's idea, will look more like a yacht. In front of the train, there will be a bedroom, followed by several guest cabins, a dining wagon, a spa and public entertainment areas, including a concert hall and a cinema. Each car will be equipped with balconies. And in the last car, there will be a place for personal collection of the train owner - cars and motorcycles.

The train will run at a speed of 161 km / h and will make as many stops as its owner wishes. According to the designer, tours in Europe and Asia, as well as in North America, can become interesting routes.

The train must be not only beautiful but also smart. For example, its body is proposed to be made of special glass, which by pressing a button can become transparent or dark. In addition, the glass (also known as special screens) can display any image. So, in winter it will be possible to turn the "view outside the window" into flowering fields or to customize each photo as desired.

Interestingly, Thierry Gaugain, as he himself claims, never publishes his ideas unless he is sure that they can be applied from a technical point of view. For example, he said he had already negotiated with Swiss train maker Stadler, French glassmaker Saint-Gobain, British engineering firm Eskerly O'Callaghan and railway experts, and concluded that this dream train should no longer be a fantasy. Anyone interested in purchasing and building a G Train can contact Yachts Unlimited.