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Sun provides additional sustainable energy at train stations for: ÖBB's environmentally-friendly electricity production

Sun provides additional sustainable energy at train stations for: ÖBB's environmentally-friendly electricity production
photo: ib-Hupfau / ÖBB/Sun provides additional sustainable energy at train stations for: ÖBB's environmentally-friendly electricity production
04 / 10 / 2022

ÖBB continues to expand its environmentally-friendly electricity production in the west. Photovoltaic systems on company buildings and factory buildings provide additional electricity for ongoing operations at stations and stops.

ÖBB continues to focus intensively on green electricity from solar energy and is also expanding its photovoltaic systems in Tyrol and Vorarlberg. It not only serves to achieve climate protection targets but, above all, makes another important contribution to the expansion of renewable energies in Austria. It is the case at Schwaz train station, where around 100 square meters of the roof surface of the new bicycle parking facility to be built in spring 2022 is designed as a photovoltaic system. It means that the weather protection for the bicycles also produces electricity that can be used at Schwaz station, thus making another important contribution to sustainable and environmentally friendly energy generation. The electricity generated from solar energy is used locally for energy needs at stations and stops. Several plants have also recently been built in the Western Region, Tyrol, and Vorarlberg, and more are scheduled to go into operation this year (you can see an overview here).

ÖBB Infrastructure Board Member Johann Pluy on the innovations: "ÖBB is one of Austria's largest climate protection companies and already pioneered electric mobility 100 years ago. Climate protection is thus in our DNA. Since 2018, we have been relying on a 100% green traction current and also supply all buildings, facilities, and container terminals completely with 100% clean electricity. New photovoltaic systems at ÖBB buildings in Tyrol and Vorarlberg, such as at Telfs-Pfaffenhofen station, where glass platform roofs with integrated PV modules are being erected, or at the Postbus in Wolfurt, will enable us to further increase the share of self-produced sustainable energy in the future."

ÖBB continues to expand its own sustainable electricity production

ÖBB plans to invest around one billion euros in renewable energies by 2030 to generate an additional 280 GWh from ÖBB's own hydropower plants, as well as photovoltaic and wind power plants. In addition to energy generation from hydropower and wind power, environmentally friendly solar power is becoming increasingly important. ÖBB currently operates 45 photovoltaic systems on operational facilities and open spaces throughout Austria. The company currently produces around 10,000 MWh of green electricity. Further plants are planned throughout Austria, including in Tyrol and Vorarlberg, because the sun is a reliable and sustainable energy source for ÖBB too. To increase the share of its own generation from renewable energies, ÖBB is consistently continuing the expansion of photovoltaic systems. In addition, ÖBB is also setting up innovative pilot projects on existing transport infrastructure, such as photovoltaic modules as structural elements in bicycle shelters (as in Schwaz) or platform roofs. ÖBB is thus a clear pioneer in the realization of electricity generation from solar energy.

Every kilowatt hour of green electricity makes a difference

In-house sustainable electricity production is at the heart of ÖBB's ambitious climate protection strategy. For more than 100 years, ÖBB has been a pioneer in electric mobility, and since 2018, ÖBB has relied on traction current from 100% renewable energy. Since 2019, the stations and operating facilities have also been supplied with electricity from 100% renewable energy. ÖBB already produces around one-third of its own traction current from hydropower. By 2030, this share is to increase to 40% through the renewal of existing power plants and other renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. At the same time, the rail network throughout Austria is also being further electrified. Already today, over 95% of rail transport services are provided electrically. It also makes ÖBB an absolute pioneer in an EU comparison.


Source: ÖBB Press Releases