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Studies show Batteries are preferred over hydrogen trains.

Studies show Batteries are preferred over hydrogen trains.
photo: Wikipedia Commons/ Regio
22 / 10 / 2021

A study conducted by the University of Sachsen that focuses on replacing diesel units claims that the usage of batteries and overall electrification within the area of Dresden has a higher achievability than hydrogenic units. Batteries seem to be a desired feasible solution, solving many issues around the topic of sustainability and lowering costs especially on the lines where electrification is planned.

This study, in particular, was supported and funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport & Digital Infrastructure and the Land of Sachsen’s Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour & Transport.
Among other determinative facts, the study found that electrification should be extended as much as possible.

Preferred bidder, the DB Regio has officially signed the contract for the operation of VVO-Dieselnetz services on the Dresden to Kamenz and Königsbrück, Heidenau – Altenberg and Pirna – Sebnitz lines from 10 years starting December 2021.