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STM Has Completed Preliminary Tests of the 3ES8 Electric Locomotive: All You Need to Know

STM Has Completed Preliminary Tests of the 3ES8 Electric Locomotive: All You Need to Know
photo: STM Press Releases/STM has completed preliminary tests of the 3ES8 electric locomotive: All you need to know
09 / 05 / 2022

Preliminary tests of the prototype 3ES8 Malakhit electric locomotive, presented at the Ural Locomotives plant at the beginning of March this year, have been completed. The equipment and systems of the new machine are being tested on the experimental ring of the All-Russian Research Institute of Railway Transport (VNIIZhT).

In the course of preliminary tests, the 3ES8 locomotive made a test run of 5,000 km. It traveled at speeds of up to 120 km/h with a train weighing over 5,600 tons. For a month and a half, electromagnetic compatibility and equipment interaction in the car were evaluated, and preliminary braking tests were carried out.

The prototype of the electric locomotive 3ES8 Malakhit is considered to be ready for acceptance and certification tests, which will begin at the beginning of May and continue till September 2022. During this period, specialists of VNIIZhT will check dynamic and performance, traction and energy and thermal performance, operation of control and braking systems, carry out lighting, sanitary and chemical and hygienic tests, and check compliance with occupational safety and functional safety requirements.

In addition to the experimental range VNIIZhT, part of the research will be conducted at the site Belorechenskaya - Maykop of the North Caucasus Railway, the only one in the country for the complex tests of the impact on the road and turnouts for high-speed and heavy trains.

After completing a full cycle of tests, an acceptance committee will be convened to decide on issuing Malakhit a certificate of compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU).

"We always approach the release of new products very responsibly. It must, first of all, correspond to the maximum level of reliability and safety," says Oleg Spai, General Director of "Ural Locomotives" underlined. "For example, during the electric locomotive 3ES8 cabin designing, we applied the latest approaches to the safety of the locomotive crew in case of a collision. In addition to numerous calculations, the designers conducted simulations of hazardous situations in a virtual environment, resulting in the supporting frame and passive safety system implementation in the locomotive prototype. We expect that the expert examination results will be positive, and in the autumn, the enterprise will receive permission for the pilot series production."

The 3ES8 Malakhit electric locomotive with the domestic asynchronous traction drive was developed by the designers of Ural Locomotives and assembled from Russian components. It will become the base platform for creating a whole line of new domestic locomotives with different characteristics, including those for high-speed container transportation. The company has already started designing these models.

Source: STM Press Releases