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Stadler Announces New Agreement: Class 99 Co-Co Bi-Mode Locomotives Coming Soon to the UK!

Stadler Announces New Agreement: Class 99 Co-Co Bi-Mode Locomotives Coming Soon to the UK!
photo: Stadler/Stadler Announces New Agreement: Class 99 Co-Co Bi-Mode Locomotives Coming Soon to the UK!
02 / 05 / 2022

In its recent media release, Swiss rail and urban transport company Stadler announced an agreement with Beacon Rail and GB Railfreight (GBRF) that includes the delivery of thirty Class 99 Co-Co bi-mode locomotives and spare parts to the UK.

The Class 99 Co-Co is a versatile locomotive that can be adapted to the British track and all its specifications, combining diesel and electric modes of operation at 25 kV AC, on which the machines can operate without difficulty at 6,000 kW per wheel. The locomotives are equipped with a powerful, low-emission Stage-V engine that allows them to run on non-electrified lines. They can reach speeds of up to 120 km/h and have an outstanding pulling force of up to 500 kN, high traction capacity and performance.

"Stadler has extensive experience in the UK locomotive market. Over recent years, we have introduced the Class 68 diesel-electric locomotive, the Class 88 bi-mode locomotive and Europe's first tri-mode locomotive, the Class 93, in line with our commitment to decarbonising rail transport," said Iñigo Parra, CEO of Stadler Valencia. "We are very proud to go one step further with the development of Class 99, a versatile, high-performance locomotive that will provide environmentally-friendly and cost-effective rail transport services, supporting the modal shift to rail," he added.

Beacon CEO Adam Cunliffe said, "Beacon is proud to introduce the Class 99 to the market; this is the result of a collaborative approach with our longstanding customer GB Railfreight and manufacturer Stadler. The Class 99 order underlines Beacon's drive to support the UK's journey towards a greener and more efficient rail network. We look forward to supporting the delivery programme for these locomotives ahead of their introduction to service in 2025, providing further momentum to facilitate the modal shift from road to rail.

"Today's announcement is an important milestone for GB Railfreight and the UK, and I want to thank the teams at Stadler and Beacon Rail for their collaboration in producing a train fit for a greener future. Rail freight is already a more sustainable alternative to moving goods by road, but the Class 99 will increase our industry's levels of sustainability and propel us further towards meeting the UK government's task to decarbonise the rail industry by 2040 in support of the UK's net-zero ambitions," said John Smith, CEO of GB Railfreight.