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Srbija Kargo obtains a workshop certificate in Ruma: Green light for participation in modern, efficient, and safe traffic!

Srbija Kargo obtains a workshop certificate in Ruma: Green light for participation in modern, efficient, and safe traffic!
photo: Srbija Kargo/Srbija Kargo obtains a workshop certificate in Ruma: Green light for participation in modern, efficient, and safe traffic!
11 / 08 / 2022

Srbija Kargo a.d. continued its legal obligation prescribed by the Law on Safety in Railway Traffic and successfully completed the certification of the locomotive maintenance workshop in Ruma. This success was achieved thanks to dedicated and hard-working employees, who implement plans, keep the company's system stable and develop it for future generations.

The certificate of fulfillment of the conditions of the workshop for the maintenance of railway vehicles in Ruma was issued with a validity period of 5 years and refers to the regular and extraordinary maintenance of diesel-electric locomotives series 621, 644, 661, and 664. The mentioned series of locomotives will also visit the tracks of this workshop, and the emphasis will primarily be on the safety of railway traffic, vehicles, and people.

Competent members of the audit team from the Directorate for Railways carried out a check at the end of July and made sure that the workshop with its organization, equipment, capacities, and professional skills of the employees meets all the requirements prescribed by legal acts and which must be met by workshops for the maintenance of railway vehicles. This supervisory audit was expedient and mutually beneficial, because the opinion of relevant institutions, such as the Directorate for Railways, the relevant ministry, and competent inspections, is very important for the development of safe railway traffic, which point out problems if they are noticed, suggest how to prevent them, and if necessary, prescribe appropriate measures and deadlines for their implementation.

Srbija Kargo

Quality communication, timely exchange of information, and mutual respect are crucial because the cooperation is aimed at constant improvement and functioning enhancement, not only of the vehicle maintenance system but of the entire organization of our company.

The towing vehicle maintenance workshop in Ruma, a part of the ZOVS Novi Sad Section, is the central connection between Ruma and Brasina, hence, between the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska, on whose section a large volume of traffic takes place. With extraordinary efforts, the employees of the workshop, of which there are not many, try to ensure that the locomotive maintenance process goes smoothly, and they are often engaged to help the workshops in Novi Sad and Subotica. There is a railway spirit, the will and willingness to always do the job right. The expertise of our people makes the job much easier because there are plenty of excellent craftsmen. The biggest undertaking of this service is that they manage to maintain such a great system with only six workers in the hall because they know that they are the backbone of the company and that without their skills, there is no safe traffic. Collegiality is the key to any success.

Srbija Kargo

The data show that the workers in this workshop are doing their best work and have exceeded the set plans and achieved good results this year. In the first half of the current year, they left 55 locomotive repairs out of 68 that entered the workshop. For every locomotive that leaves the tracks of the workshop in Ruma, the employees guarantee the quality of work done and the readiness of each of them to achieve all planned tasks.

For Srbija Kargo, this certificate opens another green signal for participation in modern, efficient, reliable traffic, thus proving that we will be even more successful in our efforts to put traffic safety first.

Source: Srbija Kargo