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Sprawny Peron – PKP PLK's New App for Reporting Railroad Faults

Sprawny Peron – PKP PLK's New App for Reporting Railroad Faults
photo: PKP PLK S.A./Sprawny Peron – PKP PLK's New App for Reporting Railroad Faults
23 / 02 / 2023

PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. has launched an application for quick reporting of faults at stations and stops. It will make additional information for the infrastructure manager and thus allow for a faster response to irregularities. The app is free of charge and works on Android and iOS devices.

The app was created to provide the expected comfort for travellers. The tool makes it possible to provide PLK SA with information about faults and the state of cleanliness of passenger infrastructure on platforms, access routes, and crossings over and under tracks managed by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.

Sprawny Peron is an additional tool, in addition to the contact forms available on the PLK S.A. website, for reporting defects. It allows for quick transmission of information about the condition of passenger infrastructure and, thus, a quick response from the infrastructure manager to irregularities. 

How does it work?

In the event of noticing a defect, such as the failure of an elevator, sound system, displays or a snowy platform, a traveller can quickly report the irregularity. After launching the application, select a station or stop from the list. The date and time are filled in automatically. The location can also be easily entered using the QR codes found on all poster timetables. All you have to do is click the icon symbolizing the code in the app and then scan it with your phone's camera.

In the next step, select the specific location of the error from the available options and choose the type of irregularity from the list. Optionally, you can describe the malfunction in more detail and add a picture illustrating it. The short process ends with the selection of the 'I report a fault' option. 

The Sprawny Peron app can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play or Apple Store.

Source: PKP PLK S.A.