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SNCF ordered from Alstom dual mode electric- hydrogen trains

SNCF ordered from Alstom  dual mode electric- hydrogen trains
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14 / 04 / 2021

France is modernizing its train fleet. It placed an order with Alstom for 190 million Euro. The order includes 12 dual-mode electric-hydrogen trains. One of the reasons for ordering is the reduction in the carbon footprint associated with the PLANETER program.

The client is SNCF Voyageurs. The order includes 12 dual-mode electric-hydrogen trains from the Alstom Coradia Polyvalent series. Alstom has confirmed an order from the French regions of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Grand Est and Occitanie. Alstom has confirmed the order with a vision for ordering to other regions.

Convinced that regional express trains (TER) will significantly reduce its carbon footprint, SNCF has launched the PlaneTER campaign. Other regions have also expressed interest in participating in this project.

Coradia Polyvalent trains will have an autonomous range of 600 km on the non-electrified track. Each train will contain four vehicles, which will measure a total of 72 meters. The vehicles will have 218 seats. Engine power will be as dynamic as engine power with a dual electric-diesel version of engine.

Since 2011, Alstom has supplied France with almost 400 Coradia Polavylent electrothermal trains. 6 of the 15 plants in France have already ordered one of their trains from Alstom.

 Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, Minister Delegate for Transport, French Ministry of the Ecological Transition said: “ France has everything it needs to become a hydrogen champion: the French government is fully committed to turning this ambition into reality. We will be covering 47 million euros of development costs for France’s first regional hydrogen-powered train. I am delighted that this support has enabled the four partner regions to confirm their order for the first 14 trains“.

Alstom is a French multinational rail company established in 1928, active worldwide. It is best known for the production of AGV, TGV, Eurostar, Pendolino or Citadis trams. In February 2020, the company signed a contract to buy Bombardier Transportation.