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Škoda Group Upgrades Gothenburg’s Trams to Enhance City Transport

Škoda Group Upgrades Gothenburg’s Trams to Enhance City Transport
photo: Škoda Group / Public domain/Tram visualization
17 / 06 / 2024

The Škoda Group has started a significant project to modernize the M31 trams in Gothenburg, working in close collaboration with Swedish operator Västtrafik AB.

The project is aimed at improving reliability, safety, and passenger comfort, and involves a comprehensive overhaul scheduled to be completed by 2028. The work is currently underway at Škoda’s production facility in Ostrava, Czech Republic, where the trams are being refurbished and adapted to better withstand the harsh Nordic climate.

During a recent presentation, Škoda unveiled a visual representation of the final design that the trams will have, maintaining their iconic appearance while integrating modern technological enhancements. This redesign will align the M31s more closely with the current aesthetic of Västtrafik’s fleet, enhancing visual consistency across the board. Upgrades include new door systems, a modern electro-hydraulic braking system, and improved climate control features within the passenger compartments and driver's cab.

Jan C. Harder, President of the West and North Region for Škoda Group, expressed the company’s commitment to enhancing Gothenburg’s public transport system. “We are leveraging our experience in creating vehicles tailored for Nordic conditions to bring state-of-the-art upgrades to Gothenburg’s tram fleet,” said Harder.

Source: RAILTARGET, Škoda Group