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Siemens Mobility Subsidiary, Sqills, Partners with Snälltåget for Rail Ticketing Solutions

Siemens Mobility Subsidiary, Sqills, Partners with Snälltåget for Rail Ticketing Solutions
photo: Siemens Mobility/Siemens Mobility Subsidiary, Sqills, Partners with Snälltaget for Rail Ticketing Solutions
13 / 06 / 2023

Swedish open-access rail operator Snälltåget has announced that it will be implementing S3 Passenger, the dynamic pricing, inventory management, and reservation system offered by Sqills, a Siemens Mobility subsidiary. Snälltåget and Sqills have opted for a phased approach in terms of implementation: The Swedish operator will benefit from a short time-to-market while adding more functionalities in the months after go-live. One feature that Snälltåget will be using from the start is the support for cross-operator cooperation as a way of providing through tickets. This will further improve passenger comfort when booking long-distance trips. S3 Passenger is based on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and is part of the open, digital business platform, Siemens Xcelerator, that enables customers to accelerate their digital transformation easier, faster and at scale.

S3 Passenger to accelerate business 

 “The rail market in Sweden clearly aims to benefit from digital solutions. As one of them, S3 Passenger will significantly optimize the passenger experience. We are delighted to continue to support Snälltåget not only with our market-leading Vectron locomotives and reliable maintenance services but also by combining the real and the digital world,” Kristina Nyquist, CEO of Siemens Mobility Sweden.

“Snälltåget values their customers by offering value for money, which is reflected in their lean product and services”, said Kasper Walraven - Sqills CCO. “We are proud to help facilitate this where possible and look forward to building on our partnership. The fact that S3 Passenger basically meets all demands of the industry out-of-the-box allows for a quick and successful implementation project.

“Our mission is to give our customers a pleasant and affordable journey, and Sqills definitely helps us realize that going forward. From dynamic pricing to adjust for capacity to the fact that night trains are supported out-of-the-box, those are just a few instances that highlight the flexibility of S3 Passenger,” said Marco Andersson, Snälltåget Head of Sales.

With the implementation of S3 Passenger Snälltåget is continuing its relationship with Siemens Mobility after previously opting for a Vectron locomotive in 2016. Additionally, since 2020, Siemens Mobility maintains five Vectron locomotives in its depot in Malmö which Snälltåget uses on their European routes, and which are leased from European Locomotive Leasing Group (ELL).

Snälltåget recently marked its 15th anniversary and provides long-distance train services across 27 stations from Malmö to Stockholm and operates sleeper trains connecting Germany and Austria. Snälltåget is the second operator in Sweden, and the 38th transport operator in total, to use Sqills’ S3 Passenger. 

Source: Siemens Mobility