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Siemens is expanding its fire safety portfolio. What products are being added to Cerberus?

Siemens is expanding its fire safety portfolio. What products are being added to Cerberus?
photo: Siemens AG/Siemens is expanding its fire safety portfolio. What products are being added to Cerberus?
24 / 06 / 2022

Siemens is expanding its Cerberus PRO fire safety offering with updated FC720 fire control panels, an IoT-enabled OOH740 detector equipped for disturbance-free tests, and the Cerberus Connect mobile app that complements the existing Cloud Apps. As a result, system integrators, service providers and customers will benefit from resource optimization, simplified planning, and maintenance as well as higher convenience during operations.

Control panel with built-in connectivity

The new FC720 fire control panels use the new X200 gateway for built-in connectivity, which facilitates installation and commissioning processes. This leads to higher efficiency and optimized total cost of ownership. This fire control panel generation comes with an updated periphery board which significantly increases power on the loop. This gives customers more flexibility to plan their systems most efficiently. Additionally, the panels offer refined software features to optimize operations.

Detector equipped for disturbance-free tests 

In addition to the proven ASA technology (Advanced Signal Analysis), the OOH740 Cerberus PRO detector is now also equipped with DFT technology (Disturbance-free Testing). With DFT technology, the functionality of the detectors can be tested automatically either at pre-defined times or on-demand, both on-site and remotely. This can improve safety beyond regulations by more frequent testing, without causing any disturbance to the building processes or users.

Cerberus Cloud Apps complemented by Cerberus Connect

Cerberus Connect App is a new app in the Cerberus Cloud Apps portfolio, available both for iOS and Android. Fire safety staff can receive push notifications in case of an event and can check the status and event history of their fire safety site from anywhere and at any time.

Furthermore, maintenance and regular service visit planning and reporting have been improved by digitalizing the process through the Cerberus Cloud Apps. The service provider can plan what to test at the next visit through the Cerberus Portal, conduct testing on-site via the Connect App and then generate compliant reports through the Portal. These can be sent to the customer, who has full visibility of the fire system and can prove compliance if needed.


Source: Siemens AG Press Releases


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