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Siemens COMOS productive cooperation with Doosan Škoda

Siemens COMOS productive cooperation with Doosan Škoda
photo: COMOS productive cooperation with Doosan Škoda
11 / 04 / 2022

Siemens COMOS, a software solution for engineering processes, helps the Pilsen-based steam turbine manufacturer Doosan Škoda Power improve the quality of its power plant design. The performance of power equipment supplied to customers worldwide has increased by 30%.

Delivery of such equipment is a very complex process in the context of engineering work, which requires specialists in measuring and control of the hardware, mechanical engineers, electrical designers, and other engineering professionals. Previously, Doosan Škoda Power's design and engineering departments used their own engineering software, which made internal document transfer difficult. However, in 2014, the company issued a tender for new software to eliminate these problems. Siemens COMOS, which met all the established criteria, won that tender.

"Power plant design begins with the process flow diagram development, for which a measurement and control scheme is created. Then a 3D model is created, according to which mechanical components, such as steel structures or piping, are ordered," says Jaromír Čihák, head of engineering at Doosan Škoda Power. "We chose COMOS because it is open software that we can easily customize. We also appreciate the intuitive operation, clarity and ease of operator training."

To date, COMOS has helped process more than 120 projects. It simplifies the task with a database that always contains up-to-date data, which eliminates the need to search for and check information between departments, and has the advantage of standardizing process reports. It speeds up both project work and costing because COMOS provides data from subcontractors, including delivery times and prices.

"The importance of digital value creation is constantly growing," says Robert Macháček, head of business development at COMOS Plant Engineering Software. "We've been working with the Doosan Škoda Power team of experts for several years. The path to creating data with real digital value is not easy and requires patience, focus and, above all, top-notch engineering project management."