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Russian UWC supplies customers with tank cars of the new generation

Russian UWC supplies customers with tank cars of the new generation
photo:´s new tank wagon
19 / 01 / 2021

The United Wagon Company (UWC) supplies new tank wagons, model number 15-9545, which are meant for the transport of sulfuric acid to the Ural Chemical and Metallurgical Center, a wholesaler with industrial materials. The production of this new generation of tank wagons is done in the workshop in Tikhvin near Sankt-Peterburg in the north of the European part of Russia. UWC currently is Russia’s largest manufacturer of freight cars.

UWC's 15-9545 wagon brings a number of benefits to customers. The first is an increased tank volume of up to 44 m3. The car also has an increased load capacity, i.e., 77 tons. Compared to standard cars, it is possible to load up to 12 % more material into this car. We can also give an example to illustrate. To transport 100,000 tons of sulfuric acid, UWC's new cars will require seven wagons less than when using standard wagons.

As a result, the customer will need to own much fewer cars, which will significantly reduce acquisition costs. Additional costs will be saved due to lower maintenance costs. The maintenance interval was set at 1 million kilometers. This increased interval was possible thanks to the use of highly reliable chassis 18-9855.

The construction of the tank is all-metal and welded. The sealing elements of the tank are made of fluoroplastic. It is also resistant to sulfuric acid. The construction used in the tank prevents overpressure inside the tank and possible subsequent leakage of transported highly dangerous material.

“Our guiding principles are, first and foremost, maintaining a high quality of the products we ship and a flexible pricing policy, while making sure that orders are executed in full and without delays. Among other things, this largely depends on the transport component of the process: on how efficient the rolling stock is and what performance it can show,” said Arseny Teplykh, the Chief Executive Officer at the Ural Chemical and Metallurgical Center.

The Ural Chemical and Metallurgical Center plans to expand its fleet. The purchase of additional cars should take place between 2021-2023.

There are currently 5 models of tank cars on Russian territory that are suitable for the transport of sulfuric acid. These cars were mostly manufactured before 2010. Only 16 % of the total volume of sulfuric acid tank wagons are new generation cars. Most of them are then made in the workshop in Tikhvin, which belongs to the UWC company.