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Russian Railways has opened a new training center in Serbia

Russian Railways has opened a new training center in Serbia
photo: Archives/Russian Railways
17 / 11 / 2020

A new training and information center for the Russian Railways was opened at the headquarters of the Serbian Railways in Belgrade. Its aim is to acquaint visitors with the technologies used by Russian Railways and also to streamline the training of Serbian specialists.

This information center was founded by the RZD International, a subsidiary of the Russian Railways. It collaborates with the Russian Railway Research Institute in the field of automation and communications (NIIAS). Serbian railway infrastructure has given all the necessary support to this project.

The center is intended for visitors who are interested in the railway as well as for employees who should improve their skills here. Visitors to the Russian Railways Center in Belgrade can look into, for example, technologies that are used in Russia to build infrastructure, but they can also try out train traffic management. Visitors can get acquainted with the work of dispatchers at their automated workplaces. On the simulator, they can try out technological communication, equipment for centralizing the control room, control of railway sections and traction power station. The center also houses a prototype of a collective use panel, which allows  the current state of the railway to be displayed in real time.

According to the center, better training of Serbian specialists will be provided, who will thus be able to become better acquainted with the modern technologies used by the Russian Railways company. Russia is cooperating very closely with Serbia in the field of railways.

In 2013, an agreement was signed on the modernization of the Serbian infrastructure, which RZD signed. The investment is expected to reach $ 941 million. Russia is involved in 4 major projects to modernize Serbian infrastructure. Within one of them, RZD reconstructed about 200 km of tracks. This is about 5 % of the Serbian railway network to illustrate. In September, an agreement was signed between the Serbian railway infrastructure and RZD on the modernization of the railway line with Montenegro.