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Russian Railways Gets New Equipment for Rolling Stock: Who Is the Supplier?

Russian Railways Gets New Equipment for Rolling Stock: Who Is the Supplier?
photo: STM News/Russian Railways gets new equipment for rolling stock: Who is the supplier?
10 / 05 / 2022

Russia seems to be persistently pretending that sanctions from the EU and the West do not affect the country's development. In particular, Russian manufacturing and engineering company Sinara-Transport Machines (STM) has begun supplying new equipment for Russian Railways' rolling stock under a contract estimated at RUB 6.8 billion (as of today, EUR 120.9 million).

"This year, the list of track machinery supplied to our strategic partner was supplemented by two latest developments at once, MTSO-2 and a hopper-dosing unit with increased load capacity. The vehicles have been designed to the order of the national carrier, and I am sure that they will show their effectiveness on the Russian railroads," Kirill Epstein, General Director of RPM Group, commented.

Under the contracts signed, the national carrier will receive 447 units of rolling stock during 2022, namely: 250 innovative hopper dispensers and 197 maintenance and service modules (MTSO), including 64 modules of the new design of various configurations. So far, 102 units of special equipment have already been sent to the Central Directorate of Infrastructure of Russian Railways.

The hoppers of model 19-6940 are self-dumping cars with a payload capacity of 75 tons on bogies with a load of 25 tons per axle and mileage up to 500 000 km up to the first scheduled repair. They are manufactured by Yaroslavl plant Remputmash - part of the RPM Group, an asset of the Sinara Transport Machines Holding

The maintenance and service modules (MTSO) use a new type of bogie, which ensures a smoother running with the speed of the car up to 120 km/h. MTSO-2 is produced at the Kaluga Plant Remputmash and its branch at the Lyudinovo Diesel Locomotive Plant in Lyudinovo.