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RRA announces consultation on hydrogen-powered trains in Romania

RRA announces consultation on hydrogen-powered trains in Romania
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01 / 04 / 2022

SEAP, Romania's public procurement platform, published a notice from the Romanian Railroad Reform Authority (RRA) about a market consultation on new hydrogen-powered trains. European grant funds plan to finance these trains.

These consultations will be conducted online until April 15, 2021. In addition to the short- and long-distance hydrogen trains, the RRA wants to procure the maintenance required for their operation for 15 years and extend the unit maintenance and related hydrogen supply services to 30 years.

The regional hydrogen trains are to be purchased in two versions of approximately 120 and 160 fixed and folding passenger seats, 16 bicycle places. The purchase of interregional trains includes a third version with a capacity of about 200 seats for passengers and the same number of seats for bicycles.

Distinct in transportation capacity, the requested bids would consist of:

- the purchase price of the hydrogen-electric unit expressed in euros per unit;

- the price for maintenance for 15 years, expressed by an average price in euros per kilometer, the maintenance services will be provided with an additional option for up to 30 years;

- the price for providing the supply service, for 15 years, with hydrogen necessary for the unit's operation, expressed in euros per kilometer;

- the maximum speed of construction for each type of plant on offer;

- the first installation delivery time.