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Romania is preparing to upgrade the infrastructure. An agreement was signed on the modernization of the Bucharest-Giurgiu line

Romania is preparing to upgrade the infrastructure. An agreement was signed on the modernization of the Bucharest-Giurgiu line
14 / 12 / 2020

Compania Narionala de Cai Ferare (CFR SA) and Porr Construct have signed a € 97 million contract which aim is to modernize the line between Bucharest and Giurgiu. The Gradistea bridge is also part of the line.

The modernization of this railway connection also includes the renewal of 4 bridges, as well as track works. Security systems will be renovated and station buildings will be also repaired. The project should last a total of about 30 months and will be funded by European sources.

"Work on the reconstruction of the railway bridge over the Arges River will take three years, which includes six months of design work and 24 months of construction work on the 12 km long railway line. The construction of the bridge over the Arges River and the access viaducts are the most complex part of the project," said Ioan Pintea, CEO of CFR SA, at the signing ceremony.

The Gradistea Bridge, which collapsed in 2005 due to floods, should also be repaired. The renewal of the bridge will significantly improve rail transport throughout the region.

This project is related to other modernization projects in Romania. Part of the line bordering Bulgaria is to be reconstructed, specifically București Nord - Jilava - Giurgiu Nord - Giurgiu Nord. As part of this modernization, rail transport across the Arges river between Vidra and Comana should be re-enabled. The line between Vidra and Comana will also be reconstructed, including the station in Comana. Four bridges and two viaducts will also be renovated on the line.

"The modernization of the historically significant railway connection between Bucharest and Giurgiu and the landmark in Gradistea will, in the long run, improve the transport infrastructure in the economic region. We are proud to be able to implement this technically demanding megaproject," said Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO of Porr.

The modernization of Romania's railway infrastructure is a very important project. Thanks to it, further development of cross-regions will be enabled. In addition, the line between Bucharest and Giurgiu is of strategic importance due to the connection to the Rhine-Danube corridor and Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey.


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