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Revolution ultralight wagon prototype is ready for testing

Revolution ultralight wagon prototype is ready for testing
photo: The Revolution VLR consortium/Revolution ultralight wagon prototype is ready for testing
14 / 08 / 2021

The Revolution VLR consortium has completed the construction of a demonstration model of the eponymous ultralight car (railbus) intended for passenger transportation on the secondary lines of the main railway network in the UK. The car will now undergo a series of tests on the experimental loop of the Long Marston Innovation Center, which was recently bought by the leasing company Porterbrook

The Revolution car is equipped with a hybrid power plant, which uses an adapted Cummins automotive diesel engine and a lithium-titanate battery pack. The maximum speed of the carriage is 105 km / h, with traction from batteries - about 30 km / h. Power from traction batteries is used when the car is moving at stations and in areas of dense urban development, where it is important to ensure zero emissions of harmful substances and minimize the noise level.

The car body is made of carbon fiber. The 18 m long carriage has seats for 56 passengers, while the axle load does not exceed 4 tons.

The car is planned to be demonstrated to potential sponsors and operators starting from October 2021.

The Revolution VLR consortium consists of seven companies and organizations: Transport Design International, Cummins, Transcal Engineering, RDM (unmanned vehicle developer), WMG Science Center at the University of Warwick, Eversholt Rail leasing company, and the UK Rail Safety and Standards Authority (RSSB, it partially financed the project).