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RCG's Digital Assistant Transforms Ad-Hoc Train Operations

RCG's Digital Assistant Transforms Ad-Hoc Train Operations
photo: ÖBB Rail Cargo Group / Public domain/Rail Cargo Group
21 / 11 / 2023

Pilot customers of ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) can now manage not only planned trains but also ad-hoc trains. MIKE, RCG's digital assistant, made it possible.

MIKE, RCG's digital assistant, supports customers, partners, and employees with digital services for all aspects of freight transport and makes the handling of transport processes simpler, more efficient, and more transparent – from transport requests to invoicing. MIKE continues to be developed: Just a few months ago, the first feature of digital block train ordering in MIKE Ordering went into pilot operation. Now the second feature is live: the management and ordering of ad-hoc trains. 

Agile and customer-oriented

In contrast to scheduled trains, the processes involved in ad-hoc trains are extremely dynamic. A standardized and up-to-date database for all parties involved is therefore of paramount importance. The new feature has been developed in close collaboration with a pilot customer, the vehicle logistics company Hödlmayr, and RCG experts in the spirit of an agile and customer-focused approach.

As of now, pilot customers will be able to submit short-term requests for which resources need to be secured quickly and efficiently. It is crucial that all parties involved have access to the latest order information at all times and that communication runs smoothly. This is precisely where MIKE comes in: The “Ordering” module provides a single view of customer requirements, enables clear tracking of service calls, and includes other essential functions.

Switching to the new functionality makes it easier for customers to order additional transport services with just a few clicks. Data can be transferred from pre-defined templates. Throughout the process, the customer is kept informed of the order status and can even generate the consignment note upon successful confirmation. Following the pilot phase with Hödlmayr, the new function will be rolled out to other use cases. 

Step by step into the digital future of rail freight transport

This innovation is a milestone in the digitalization of block train handling and brings us a decisive step closer to our goal: to make the use of rail freight transport easier and more convenient, thus driving forward the transition to sustainable transport.

Source: ÖBB Rail Cargo Group