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Railway Safety Boost: SNCF Integrates VOKKERO GUARDIAN and ZÖLLNER's Technologies

Railway Safety Boost: SNCF Integrates VOKKERO GUARDIAN and ZÖLLNER's Technologies
photo: ZÖLLNER/Railway Safety Boost: SNCF Integrates VOKKERO GUARDIAN and ZÖLLNER's Technologies
26 / 04 / 2023

VOGO (ISIN: FR0011532225 - Ticker: ALVGO) announces that SNCF has listed the CLARIS system, which incorporates the VOKKERO GUARDIAN solution and ZÖLLNER’s radio announcement devices. These solutions are designed to strengthen the safety of teams on work sites bordering rail tracks (whether in operation or not).

Fully committed to the security of its teams as they oversee the maintenance of its network, SNCF has decided to adopt a solution combining two systems:

  • The VOKKERO GUARDIAN professional audio system for communication by on-site teams;
  • The ZÖLLNER DAPR system (radio announcement device).

Known as “CLARIS”, this combination of solutions also includes a warning system to maximise the safety of teams working close to rail tracks in non-danger zones. It is designed for outdoor working sites and workers using noise protection equipment exposed to the risk of surprise from passing rail traffic.

ZÖLLNER is an independent German family-owned company specialising in state-of-the-art technologies and a market leader in rail and maritime safety. It offers effective safety solutions for ships, railways and industry. The collaboration with VOGO on the CLARIS project began in 2016 at the initiative of SNCF.

The CLARIS system can be used in many different scenarios, in particular during clearing around tracks, the rail network in France comprising more than 60,000 kilometres.

Multiple advantages

The CLARIS system was created by pooling technology solutions developed by VOGO and ZÖLLNER and offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Easy-to-use equipment
  • Enhanced security for the teams
  • Reduced noise and visual interference
  • Increased hearing protection during works without sacrificing the quality of warnings and information exchange
  • Higher work efficiency.

Commenting, Bertrand Million (VP of Professional Solutions at VOGO) said: "We are delighted to have been able to meet a real challenge for SNCF. Our goal is to guarantee the safety of all stakeholders. We are proud to be able to combine our solutions with ZÖLLNER products, which are recognised worldwide on the rail market."

Britta Lissinna (Head of Sales at ZÖLLNER) added: "This project is a great achievement for us. By combining our products with those of VOGO, we can bring real added value for the teams on-site, in terms of both efficiency and security."

Michel Tison (Head of the SST Risques Ferroviaires health and safety division at SNCF) concludes: "We are delighted to be able to offer the CLARIS system for our employees and subcontractors to increase safety and improve efficiency in non-danger zones. We are fully satisfied with the feedback we have had during the tests and hope to continue working with ZÖLLNER and VOGO in the years ahead."

Source: ZÖLLNER Press Releases