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Rail Baltica Joint Venture Hosts Workshop to Streamline SEA Processes in Estonia

Rail Baltica Joint Venture Hosts Workshop to Streamline SEA Processes in Estonia
photo: Rail Baltica / Public domain/Rail Baltica workshop
27 / 03 / 2024

In March, the Rail Baltica joint venture RB Rail AS organized a workshop in Riga where representatives from Rail Baltic Estonia and the Baltic joint venture’s System Engineering and Assurance (SEA) departments participated in this three-day cooperative session. The primary objective was to discuss and align the fundamental principles and forthcoming actions for the implementation of the SEA processes into the Estonian segment of the Rail Baltica project.

Discussions during the workshop were structured around the specific areas within the SEA scope, covering topics such as System Engineering methodology, Requirements Management, Configuration and Change Management, System Integration Management, Testing and Commissioning, Interfaces Management, Risk Management, Quality Assurance.

“Upon conclusion of the workshop discussions, there was unanimous agreement on the need to establish a robust and permanent coordination mechanism between the teams for SEA process implementation and supervision at the global project level. To achieve this, expert-to-expert coordination groups will be formed between the delivery organizations of the Rail Baltica project. Specific expert coordination groups will focus on Interfaces management, RAMS, AsBo/NoBo and interoperability management, Requirements and Configuration management, and Quality Assurance,” said Alvaro Rex Sanchez, Head of the System Engineering and Assurance Department at RB Rail AS.

Rail Baltica / Public domain

“It was an intensive and valuable session that helped to put into perspective SEA topics in general landscape of the Rail Baltica project and to discuss some of the topics already in more detail. We know that we have a challenging task ahead of us in implementing the SEA procedures in the project, but I am more than certain that together as a joint team we will succeed,” said Kaur Laansalu, Head of System Engineering and Assurance in Rail Baltic Estonia.

Rail Baltica is a large-scale infrastructure project involving numerous interconnected systems, including tracks, signaling, rolling stock, power supply, communication, and control systems. Systems Engineering helps in managing this complexity by breaking down the project into manageable components and ensuring that they work together seamlessly. Implementing SEA processes in the Rail Baltica project is essential for mitigating risks, controlling costs and schedules, ensuring compliance, and optimizing lifecycle management. These processes help in delivering a safe, reliable, and efficient rail infrastructure that meets the needs of users and contributes to regional economic development.


Source: Rail Baltica Press Releases