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RAFAMET will deliver another machine for CZ LOKO

RAFAMET will deliver another machine for CZ LOKO
29 / 07 / 2021

Polish machine tool manufacturer RAFAMET S.A. will supply for CZ LOKO a.s. from Česká Třebová wheel lathe UFB 125 N. According to the contract, the delivery date of this machine is set for the end of August 2022.

CZ LOKO has long used several machines from RAFAMET S.A.  The company is currently expanding its factory with a new repair hall.  The UFB 125 N lathe will be used right in this new hall.

The UFB 125 N Above Floor lathe is a double-seat lathe designed for reprofiling wheels and brake discs used on rail vehicles.  The machine tool ensures productive machining of solid (monoblock) wheels of used and new wheelsets.

  "The signing of the contract with the Czech customer was traditionally preceded by a tender.  As a result, based on the experience with the use of our older machine tools, the company decided to buy another machine made in Kuźnia Raciborska.  Negotiations were not easy, but in the end, we managed to conclude a contract for the supply of UFB 125 N, "explained Ryszard Grygiel, Sales Director of RAFAMET S.A.

The manufacturer from Silesian, Poland, is satisfied with the cooperation with partners on the Czech market.  There are many companies in the Czech Republic that have been using RAFAMET machine tools for many years.

 “It is a traditional market for which we have been supplying machine tools for wheelset repairs for years.  In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in sales of our machines, both for government entities such as for example,  ČD Cargo, as well as for private companies or companies dealing with tram transport (eg Dopravní podnik Ostrava).  Although the Czech market is significantly smaller than the Polish market, we manage to sell 2-4 machines a year, ”added R. Grygiel, Sales Director of RAFAMET S.A.