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Plovdiv Railway Junction: Construction has started! Could you imagine that its budget is EUR 68.28 million?

Plovdiv Railway Junction: Construction has started! Could you imagine that its budget is EUR 68.28 million?
photo: Plovdiv/TriAdvisor/Plovdiv Railway Junction: Construction started! Did you know that her budget is EUR 68.28 million?
22 / 04 / 2022

NRIC, the company that manages Bulgaria's railway infrastructure, has started construction on two sections of the Plovdiv railway junction, Plovdiv-Krumovo and Plovdiv-Skutare. The modernization is expected to be completed in 2024. It will allow trains from Plovdiv to Burgas to travel at 160 km/h, crossing Plovdiv at 130 km/h.

The work, envisaged by the BGN 132.5 million (EUR 68.28 million) contract, is expected to be completed within 35 months. It includes the design, construction, and installation work for the 59-kilometer section, new signaling and telecommunications systems installation, and the reconstruction of Plovdiv, Krumovo and Skutare stations. The ETCS system will be upgraded to level 1.0.2 version 2.3.0d and will be extended to Skutare station. Noise isolation structures will be built in urban areas, and safety barriers will be installed along the entire length of the railway line. Among other things, the project includes the construction of two new highway overpasses and two new crosswalk facilities on two levels that will meet the requirements for passengers with disabilities.

The contract was signed in July 2020 with Geostroy Lantana Association, including Geostroy AD and Lantana AD. The railway junction Plovdiv is one of the most crucial railway connections in Bulgaria. Its modernization will increase the speed of trains while meeting the European requirements and increasing the safety of the railway infrastructure. It will also provide the possibility to attract the predicted traffic by increasing the capacity of the railway network.

As part of the CEF Transport 2016 competition, the project received European funding in the amount of EUR 88 million. In 2021, the European Investment Bank offered financing in the amount of EUR 43 million for the second phase of the Plovdiv-Burgas project evaluation


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