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PKP signs an agreement with the local government to modernize the Oleśnica railway station. What can passengers expect?

PKP signs an agreement with the local government to modernize the Oleśnica railway station. What can passengers expect?
photo: PKP S.A./PKP signs an agreement with the local government to modernize the Oleśnica railway station. What can passengers expect?
26 / 06 / 2022

A station in Oleśnica will be rebuilt in a historic but modern way, with a comfortable service area for passengers and a space for the activity of residents. The local government has already signed the agreement.

Thanks to the signed document, Polish State Railways S.A. has undertaken to carry out an investment in Oleśnica on the condition that the local government rents space in the station after its reconstruction is completed. Such cooperation will allow combining the building functions of passenger service (waiting room, toilets) with services for inhabitants, which are planned to start in the space rented from PKP S.A. by Oleśnica city. In the agreement, PKP S.A. has undertaken to finish the premises by the standard adopted by the local government. They also agreed to cooperate closely at each stage of the investment. Ireneusz Maślany and Krzysztof Golubiewski, members of the PKP S.A. Management Board, and Jan Bronś, the Mayor of Oleśnica, signed the agreement. Paweł Hreniak, Member of Parliament of the Republic of Poland and Governor of Lower Silesia from 2015-2019, also attended the event.

"The signing of the agreement with Oleśnica is an important step on the way to the redevelopment of this facility because it guarantees that after the investment, the Oleśnica station, in addition to serving travellers, will also become a centre of activity for its residents, thanks to the institutions that the local government plans to open here. A similar model of cooperation has already worked in the Lower Silesian Province. The rebuilt railway stations in Malczyce house a library, in Kąty Wrocławskie a Community Cultural Centre and Zgorzelec, a scout group," emphasizes Ireneusz Maślany, a member of the Board of PKP S.A.

Today, the reconstruction of the historic railway station in Oleśnica (dating back to 1868) is being prepared. In the future, a functional-utility program will be developed. It will define the initial scope of the investment and be detailed at the stage of preparing project documentation. However, one can already say that the reconstruction of this historical building will include the improvement of its aesthetics and functionality and will enable the adaptation of the building to modern standards of passenger service, including for the disabled. One of the peculiar features is the planned restoration of the inner courtyard, which was once a garden-waiting room. It will be possible thanks to the demolition of the annexes built in the second half of the 20th century. On the other hand, due to the installation of modern monitoring and fire protection systems, safety at the station and its surroundings will be improved. The area in front of the station will also be changed in cooperation with the local government.

The railway station in Oleśnica was included in the current Railway Station Investment Program last year. The investment will be financed from PKP S.A.'s funds and executed in the 'design and build' formula. The preliminary estimated completion investment date is the end of 2025.


Source: PKP S.A. Press Releases


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