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PKP Launches New Car Parks Under the PKP Mobility Brand

PKP Launches New Car Parks Under the PKP Mobility Brand
photo: PKP S.A./PKP Launches New Car Parks Under the PKP Mobility Brand
16 / 01 / 2023

Two in Wrocław, one in Warsaw and one in Bolesławiec – Polskie Koleje Państwowe S.A. launched new car parks under the PKP Mobility brand.

They operate at the railway station in Bolesławiec, under the square in front of the Wrocław Główny railway station (underground parking lot), at ul. Joannitów 13 in Wrocław behind the building of the former railway management and at al. Jerozolimskie 56c in Warsaw (entrance from Żelazna Street).

The PKP Mobility car park network is characterized by a unified standard of service, transparent rules, a clear price list and convenience of use, which, in turn, translates into a coherent model for managing the immediate surroundings of facilities belonging to PKP S.A.

"Providing parking spaces of an appropriate standard is particularly important when a large part of society combines travelling by car with other means of transport, including rail. PKP Mobility meets the customers' needs while providing added value for PKP S.A. by generating profits from new business activity," says Rafał Zgorzelski, the management board member for strategy and logistics at PKP S.A.

Payment for car parks in all locations is possible at parking meters, where you can pay by card and coins. An alternative is a payment via mobile applications. In turn, in a special PKP Mobility e-shop, one can buy monthly subscriptions. PKP Mobility parking meters for all locations were manufactured, installed and serviced by Kolejowe Zakłady Łączności sp. z o.o. These devices are partly powered by photovoltaic panels.

As part of the PKP Mobility service, approximately 500 parking spaces were made available in 2021 and another 445 in 2022. The creation of PKP Mobility car parks was preceded by a detailed analysis of the demand for the parking service, the local market environment and the demand of passengers and station users as part of transport on the first and last mile.

Source: PKP S.A.


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