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PKP Intercity announces Stage III of modernization work at Wrocław Central Station. What can passengers expect?

PKP Intercity announces Stage III of modernization work at Wrocław Central Station. What can passengers expect?
photo: PKP Intercity/PKP Intercity announces Stage III of modernization work at Wrocław Central Station. What can passengers expect?
14 / 07 / 2022

After the recently completed first and second stages of reconstruction of the locomotive depot hall at Wrocław Główny station, further modernization work is underway. The locomotive depot hall reconstruction at the Wroclaw Central Station is one of many infrastructure projects being carried out as part of PKP Intercity's largest investment program. The value of the entire contract is nearly PLN 30 million gross.

At the beginning of April, the first and second stages of the modernization were completed, in which, among other things, the inspection channels were renovated. In the third stage, the scope of work includes further elements of the hall. The work is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2023. The contractor is Mostostal Warszawa.

The facility is of great importance to PKP Intercity - at the Wroclaw stabling station current, and emergency repairs of rolling stock are carried out, as well as technical inspections of traction vehicles from the first to the fourth maintenance level. With the completion of the third stage of modernization of the facility, its water management will be improved, and the standard of rolling stock maintenance and ergonomics of the employed specialists will be raised.

"This investment will improve the working conditions of the Wroclaw station crew and the quality and speed of preparing PKP Intercity's rolling stock for passenger service. Thus, people - employees and passengers - will benefit. And this, as a consequence, will certainly translate into an even better quality of service and greater satisfaction for customers, especially those traveling from Wroclaw and all of Lower Silesia. I am glad that our national rail carrier is developing all the time. By driving its development, it drives the development of the entire Polish economy. This is how we understand the mission of each of the State Treasury Companies," says Maciej Małecki, Secretary of State at the Ministry of State Assets.

In the first and second stages, the inspection channels and floors in the locomotive hall underwent modernization. The scope of work carried out included: the construction of new inspection canals from prefabricated elements (deepening of the channels, construction of emergency exits) together with the new track and concrete floors, installation of lighting in the inspection canals, supply ventilation installation in the inspection canals, installation of sewerage (drainage pumps, rainwater drainage, process sewerage) and installation of plug sockets in the channels.

"The investment in the Wroclaw station of PKP Intercity is proof that Wroclaw is one of the key cities on the railroad map of Poland. It is also an impulse to develop the offer for the Lower Silesian province. At the same time, the locomotive depot is a crucial point on the map of the local community, providing stable employment for the residents of Wroclaw and the surrounding area," emphasizes Mirosława Stachowiak-Różecka, MP for the Polish Parliament.

The stopping station in Wroclaw is also the site of an automatic train washing station under construction. It will be a year-round facility for the external washing of trains. It will be equipped with a sewage treatment plant with the closed circulation of technological water and self-propelled portals with brushes and nozzles along the track line. In addition, photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roof of the room. Construction work is scheduled to begin later this month.

"PKP Intercity's investment program provides us with new and modernized railcars, locomotives, as well as electric multiple units. The technical facilities are no less important - such as the locomotive depot in Wroclaw, which allows us to maintain the rolling stock fleet in technical efficiency and its effective operation, which contributes to the systematic development of the connection offer," explains Marek Chraniuk, CEO of PKP Intercity.

The reconstruction is being carried out as part of the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program 2014-2020 for the project "Railway for good connections - modernization of wagons and locomotives for PKP Intercity S.A." [POIS.05.01.00-00-0022/17]. For the project in question, PKP Intercity obtained PLN 515,206,885.51 for subsidies from the EU funds under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program 2014-2020. Overall, PKP Intercity acquired PLN 1,010,972,287.48 under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program 2014-2020.

PKP Intercity invests in modern and environmentally friendly technical facilities

To ensure a high standard of service for modern rolling stock, PKP Intercity will invest PLN 2.6 billion in environmentally friendly stabling stations and technical facilities by 2030. Upgrading the technical infrastructure will bring standardization to the facilities. Once the investments are completed, they will be divided into three categories, adjusted to an appropriate standard that takes into account the rolling stock needs at a given location in terms of schedule execution. In 2030, PKP Intercity will have 52 stabling stations and railroad sidings throughout Poland.


Source: PKP Intercity Press Releases