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PKP Intercity Advances Lublin Rail Project with PLN 2.27 Million Design Contract

PKP Intercity Advances Lublin Rail Project with PLN 2.27 Million Design Contract
photo: PKP Intercity / Public domain/PKP Intercity
14 / 03 / 2024

PKP Intercity has set off a pivotal stage in enhancing its rail infrastructure by signing a PLN 2.27 million contract with a consortium comprising Infrares Sp. z o.o. and BDK Sp. z o.o. for comprehensive project documentation on the reconstruction and expansion of its Lublin railroad siding.

The contract promises to deliver the design within 12 months, paving the way for subsequent construction tenders, reflecting the carrier's commitment to improving its service capabilities. Selected among five bidding entities, the consortium of Infrares and BDK offered the most competitive rate for this crucial service, signaling the beginning of a transformative project aimed at upgrading the rail siding near Lublin Central Station.

This expansion project will optimize PKP Intercity's technological processes, reduce maintenance service times, and boost employment opportunities. According to Tomasz Gontarz, vice president of PKP Intercity, the investment will necessitate skilled labor during and post-reconstruction, with plans to expand the workforce from 250 to 400 individuals. "The expansion of the parking station is a very important project because it will optimize the technological process and shorten the maintenance time of our rolling stock," said Gontarz.

PKP Intercity / Public domain

The project entails a comprehensive overhaul, including track system reconstruction, the establishment of a maintenance hall with administrative and workshop facilities, and a host of modernization efforts aimed at improving working conditions, safety, and environmental impact in the Dziesiąta Stara district of Lublin.

Beyond the immediate benefits of infrastructure enhancement, PKP Intercity's initiative dovetails with broader educational and developmental goals, exemplified by partnerships with the Transport and Communication School Complex in Lublin and the Lublin University of Technology. These collaborations aim to foster a synergy between academic institutions and the rail industry, facilitating internships, R&D, and the practical application of research outcomes. By 2030, the company anticipates a substantial investment of PLN 2.6 billion in eco-friendly parking stations and technical facilities.